Yoshi Kawasaki gave birth to a baby doll

I can’t unsee it.

Now, we all can’t unsee it 😁

The scene was filmed to celebrate the birthday & 100th scene of Yoshi Kawasaki.

Try as hard, deep and often as they can, bottom guys in heat never seem to get pregnant. Is that even fair!? Yoshi is determined to change that immutable fact.

Dilated and in the first flush of cramps, Yoshi is rushed to the labour room in a wheelchair, tended by nurse Hinako. She helps him onto a delivery table, spreading his legs wide open to prepare for the birthing. His swollen nipples are pumped, filled with the mother’s milk he’s already producing. The attending physician, Dr. Axel, steps in to prepare the patient’s birth canal, opening it wide with manual stretching. His fists stimulate Yoshi’s vagina till he’s pissing himself. Hinako is on the ball, catching the stream in a chamber pot.

With the baby still deep inside and out of sight, the physician wields his trusty speculum. He uses an endoscope to peer into Yoshi’s parturient canal. He maintains his fisting regimen, widening a path to deliver the baby. The time has come. The baby’s head is clearly visible as it protrudes from Yoshi’s cunt. He launches the baby boy out of his throbbing vagina. Exhausted and panting for breath, Yoshi’s still eager to get busy making more babies.

10 thoughts on “Yoshi Kawasaki gave birth to a baby doll

      1. Not kink shaming. I like kink as much as the next guy. This isn’t kink, it isn’t gay porn either. It’s ridiculous.

  1. LOL. I’ve seen dozens of Yoshi K trailers, so this doesn’t seem all that shocking. Extreme kink is his thing, often in partnership with Axel Abysse. Dude’s had all manner of objects going in and out of that hole. Not my cup o’ tea, but just another day at the office for Yoshi.

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