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The latest on Jimmy Clay

Jimmy Clay [movies] in 2010 & in 2017 at Next Door Studios.

He was on the news in 2020 as the man charged in a homeless camp assault. Again, this 2023. The father of his now ex-girlfriend talked to The AVA about the mental, emotional, physical, and financial harm his daughter experienced from Jimmy and the charges they filed at Mendocino County Sheriff.

If you Google his name, he was booked & released last January 14, 2023 at Mendocino County.

22 thoughts on “The latest on Jimmy Clay

  1. Pity as he really loved to get plowed. Guess the excess tats was a early warning sign.Looks like Jimmy/Nick is headed down the same dead end road as Sebastian Young.

    1. What an idiot none of u know this guy or what he has went through or even his side of the story leave it to a pos perve to know he was a homosexual bottom in gay porn claps for your stupid attempts at downgrading someone yet you’d let him jump in ur own bed in a heartbeat lmao double standard queens make me sick !

  2. This is so sad. But he needs to be stopped. When you pick on defenseless people to support your drug habit that is lower than scum. I hope he gets a long sentence. He can bottom in prison and be a “pass-around-boy.”

    1. The gay jokes about porn kills me there is the second restard of the day my the amusement on here calling people scum but it’s like the pot calling the kettle black NONE of u and I mean NONE OF U!!!! Know the actual facts this is the problem with people GOSSIP get a FKING LIFE !!!!! Don’t judge lest thou be judged to assume and comment when u don’t know actual facts and for the love of GOD pls get a life and quit being a QUEEN they are ugly asf 💯🎯

  3. What a shame. He was really fun to watch. For a time, very hot. I really think he loved cock and was Bi.
    Now, he is just a MENACE TO SOCIETY and I for one, never want to see him out free among people this side of the bars.

  4. I’m kinda shocked that no one has created a Go fund me page or started crying intolerance, bigotry or” he’s just misunderstood” about this guy.

  5. I’ve been a fan of his and follow him on social media and this guy is having one of those massive rough patches in life. He’s recently gone through cancer and surgery. He’s been homeless. He’s dealing with dependency issues and he’s also been struggling with his sexuality. He used to post about how he’s torn with his urges of wanting to be with a man romantically and that it confuses him etc.,,, Despite being in gay porn and having sex with men numerous times, he wanted to be with a man emotionally but essentially felt stuck in a relationship with a woman. Just a messy ordeal. He was working as a sous chef and was doing okay. Than the downfall.

    Seeing this and hearing about his charges comes as no surprise to me. Jimmy/Nicholas is troubled. I wish his ex well in her recovery and I hope he gets help mentally and he recovers well physically. This is just plain out sad.

      1. Supposedly !!!! Gossip no facts HERESAY ! U don’t know where u there ? Didn’t think so STFU !!!!

    1. Before you guys come at my with pitchforks, let me make this clear, his physical assaults is uncalled for and he needs to be held accountable. I’m not fanboying to the point that I’m excusing his behavior. I was just talking about what’s transpired with him in recent times for those who didn’t know to catch up. The constant run ins with the law and the behavior on his social media makes me feel like there’s mental instability going on too.

      I’m glad that young lady’s father has called him out and is protecting her. After her accident, I know she needed peace of mind. I’m part of the disabled community too and I know the vulnerability she must feel on a daily basis. To know that Jimmy/Nicholas used that as a tool for his favor is disgusting.

  6. you always have to remember theres two sides to a story and people are innocent until proven guilty,

  7. Funny thing is alllll these people on here talking alll this 💩 and calling him scum but that’s why they 🍑 is even up on this damn post LURKING AND STALKIN BC they have to have someone fascination with him and some positive view to even care enough to know who he is and puttin there business up in his concern which is none of there’s the simple gesture that what they posted a comment tells all that needs to be said if they hated him or didn’t care in some way when they seen this post and alleged charges they wold have kept on truckin and scrolling instead of putting there 2 sense and big 🍑👃🏻 up in it point blank period 💯🎯 js cubby

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