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Tony Genius “After 3 weeks of fucking, sucking, eating ass, swapping fluids, etc. I can safely say, I am all NEGATIVE! Thanks to all 10 Collabs and 7 studio partners I had in 20 days for keeping up with your sexual health, it’s the sexiest thing you can do!”

28 thoughts on “Tony Genius “After 3 weeks of fucking, sucking, eating ass, swapping fluids, etc. I can safely say, I am all NEGATIVE! Thanks to all 10 Collabs and 7 studio partners I had in 20 days for keeping up with your sexual health, it’s the sexiest thing you can do!”

  1. “ 26K followers and the minute I decided to be fem and live my truth a majority of my followers shunned me. I’m kind of done and want to delete this account. ”

    Do these porn stars really think that people have them on their timeline for their personality or something? Their witty captions?
    They follow you because they think you’re hot and want to watch your porn.
    If you drastically change, or become a woman or something, then those people are not gonna be attracted to you anymore. Other people will. Just not the same ones. Why is that a bad thing?
    You do you and all, but don’t be surprised that everyone else is gonna do themselves too.
    What a childish tantrum.

    Also Ty Santana is beautiful.

  2. This site is fast becoming the blog equivalent of mendotcom, with the amount of ‘females’ it’s pushing. Perhaps a change of name is in order, as it’s certainly not ‘menofporn’ exclusively anymore.

  3. So Tommy Tanner used to be on Rentmen in Montreal, but left because he had such a shitty rating due to him being a jerk.

    If you go to his personal website ( ) and check out his rates and see his “list of demands”, you’ll understand why.

  4. Owen Hawk sounds like someone who’d be offended by blank sheet of printer paper because it was too white.

  5. I feel there’s something missing from Halter’s statement about ” I JUST LOVE DICK” maybe in the vein of ” and the money it makes me”.

    1. True. I can’t stand Hatler. I think he’s gross. That’s an understatement, actually. Anyway. I don’t get him, his look, his attitude, but.. At least he’s being somewhat honest, I guess? A lot of these guys just wouldn’t say anything and continue to string along their fanbase. At least with that admission, I can write him off completely without fear of being labeled too superficial.

  6. Hatler is not the first and definitely won’t be the last guy to allow his internalized homophobia to speak so loud that he constantly tries to convince himself and others that he isn’t straight. It just pisses me off how people excuse this behavior just because these people are deemed ‘progressive and open minded’ because they film all kinds of porn. It boggles me that people don’t see that regardless of what they film and who they film with, their antics and mindset is pretty much comparable to any closeted, religious or conservative person that has ever lived. Like, can we stop masquerading homophobia and call it what it is? We used to be able to do that, how come nowadays people have a free pass to say these stupid things?

    1. correction: he tires to convince himself and others that he IS straight

    2. Exactly. A lot of gay men love the idea of a pansexual, no labels guy because of what they can get out of it. So they are quick to coddle these guys and bash gay men for calling a spade a spade. However, they gloss over the fact that a lot of these guys are hetero-romantic IRL and wouldn’t date them. Once again, these labels center around heteronormativity, which is why guys like Hatler won’t come out even with different men’s semen in his colon. Letting these men define what is not gay does nothing for the gay community. I don’t know about you lot but I want some exclusivity. Being all inclusive is ruining the gay community.

      1. I blame Harry Styles for all of that crap LOL. Jokes aside, all this stupidity started around 10 years ago or so with the boom of social media. It’s almost like social media fried people’s brains to the point where they see something so stupid but they feel they must support it so as not to seem narrow-minded. It’s weird and creepy.

      2. I totally agree with you Res1 and all this not wanting to label guys especially in gay for pay porn and within society, re embracing inclusivity is bullshit. We are just used and abused and then once these individual have their worth they move on back to heterosexual worlds!

        1. Yep, and eventually we will reach a point where guys are engaging and gay sex but still get to maintain being straight socially and politically.

  7. Hatler sounds confused only men have dicks. It get he prefers women but he also likes men too. Just say you are bisexual and call it a day. Why is it so hard for these men to just say they like men too?

    1. For the same reason it’s hard for these so called “gay” guys to call themselves bisexual when they film bi, trans or str8 porn. For some reason they have a dilemma for saying they’re bisexual and it’s quite strange. They’ll go through hoops of awkward explanations and rants about what they do and why. They’ll even get nasty with their soon to be ex-followers when they’re called out. It’s exhausting to say the least.

  8. The Diesel engine must be on E because his twitter is filled with dumb tweets lol. That’s not very becoming of someone his age lol.

    Aiden needs to stop crying.

    Also, what are most of these post? They aren’t news hahaha. Just random twitter post from people.

    1. “The Diesel engine must be on E because his twitter is filled with dumb tweets lol. That’s not very becoming of someone his age lol.”

      You have to put lol with your own comment huh? I guess u realized that making a age joke is so 2010. You got all these Gay4pay models making homophobic tweets like Pierce Paris aka Pee Wee Herman Noodle dick and u have to make a ageist joke against me lol. Read the room…Haha
      And my tweets are dumb? Cool..okay
      But yet u come to my TL to read my dumb tweets huh.. SMH

      1. lol you don’t feel too old to behave this way ? 😂😂😂 it’s giving childish. It’s given washed up. It’s given i AM DYING TO BE SEEN AND HEARD! 🤣🥹🫣

        It’s given i can’t handle the Internet comments. Trust me when i say you’re making your situation worse. It’s better to stay off of the internet. You look like a fucking fool. Barely anyone liked or commented or those dumb ass tweets. I bet you’ll make more that no one cares about . Stop trying to hold onto the past. Do something amazing that’s recent and maybe you’ll get more respect.

        My opinion will remain 🤣

        1. Still with the age thing huh lol. And the whole washed up and has been thing..
          Bruh I retired in 2016…
          I dont do model content, and again I retired from gay porn, but that doesnt mean I cant comment on the current state of gay porn. I`m a consumer of gay porn myself(I pay 4 my porn) and I have every right as a consumer to give my opinion like you.
          Lastly, I retired because I saw the industry switching to bareback, and I wasnt putting my health and wellness at risk, just to please trolls like yourself because you want to see me do something amazing…
          And ur comment
          “Do something amazing that’s recent…”

          Are you that dense, WTF?? I’m retired..

          P.s. its seems you are the one dying to be seen and heard from your use of all caps lol
          I dont need your respect, consent or blessing to do anything I want.
          And the old saying..
          “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one” applies here..
          Now u can reply to this if u want, but my days of dragging trolls is behind me. But this was fun, carry on being a Hating troll in the comment section.

          1. Your feathers are ruffled. What makes you think I’ll read that. I only need to read you and that’s been done already.

            Enjoy retirement without pay. Go to work.

      2. Get a life old man aren’t you almost 50 years old Diesel? You said you left gay porn years go. All you do is shit on over models. Get a life OLD MAN.

  9. The “Genius” Tony?! Who brags and celebrates about fucking a multitude of men and exchanging multiple loads over just a few weeks? Was that supposed to be a flex because to me it made him seem kind of gross.

    I’m all about mental health but it’s funny to think that for several years Angel exhibited all that hate, bullying behavior and conversion style rhetoric towards his gay following and after a month he’s feeling at peace.

    Tommy and Aiden needs to realize a few things. When you put yourself out there in the form of a porn star and you’re exposing every inch of your body, people are going to comment. That comes naturally with the business. You’re going to have ups and downs in fanfare. In Tommy’s case, you feel like it’s okay to call out your preferences but get mad when it’s done to you? I’m sure you’ve said that you like a certain person compared to another in your lifetime.

    In Aiden’s case like stated earlier in the comments, you’ve built years of fan following because of your masculine appearance. Your gay following will of course start to sound like crickets when you’re transitioning and presenting as female. That’s not what they’re attracted to and therefore they’re not going to waste any time moving along. Continue in your journey of finding yourself but know that the there’s going to be a decline in your following. It’ll be fine.

    The biggest joke is this Hatler character. I’ve never heard such backwards shit in my life. I’m physically attracted to penis but don’t like men/males. What in the fuck do you think these dicks are attached to sir?! Penis is part of the male anatomy and physicality. If you don’t like us then leave us alone and go to str8 porn. Do pegging shit with females. It’s so disheartening to see our community rally with these characters and they become defensive in the process.

    In doing so they allow these guys to feel like it’s okay to continue to spew nonsense while fucking us over. It’s clear he likes women too but instead of just saying bisexual which is obvious, he’d rather go into some bullshit explanation.

    In all honesty, this is low level homophobia and like Mr. Paris last week and like so many others who the gays keep a cult following towards, these guys have homophobic antics and need to be called out every time it shows. Don’t be glazed over by dicks and sex when it comes down to the hate being shown.

    1. The thing is that these individuals like Hatler are supported by the Gay Community who prefer the guys to be Straight iand will accept all types of BS and will fight with you regarding that subject on these blogs.

  10. Denz! That was a long ass title!

    But still not as long as what guys with OF channels name their scenes.

  11. Sharon Stone hasn’t had a role that requires a stunt double in…20 years? In fact, maybe 30 and the last time with Total Recall, so I wouldn’t exactly call that a compliment, Lucy.

    And I always wonder when some of these guys brag about their Negative statuses…do those tests also include Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Herpes, etc? HIV Negative is create, but you can still be riddled.

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