Hole of Cain of Military Classified

Cain is the latest addition at Military Classified.

A fan of Military Classified commented about his hole. The owner of the site explained that Cain gets pegged by his girlfriend.


  1. Chris Duran

    Rob and his delusional straight fetish. When is this old, ugly queen going to retire from performing?

    • merger69

      I agree hes the reason I cant watch his videos.

    • Jktooo

      I used to get annoyed w rob too but I actually watched his interview on youtube show demystifying gay porn and I came away w a new respect for him. U should at least give it a watch and who knows u might gain some respect for him. I mean i dont necessarily wanna see him in vids but i just dont get annoyed by him anymore.

    • Gazzaq

      Same as the Beef Cake Hunter, Victor!!!

  2. tatebait

    Cain was a performer some years back under the moniker “Devi Sann”

    • Izzy

      He recently used ‘Devi’ again over at Club Amateur USA. Funnily enough, the site owner over there also mentioned that Devi sent him a pic that “led me to wonder if he might be into anal” and that “he & his girlfriend are into pegging & digital stimulation.”

    • Denz

      Thank you!


  3. Gazzaq

    100% Bottom with that puffy asshole πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚LOL!!!

  4. jfcd

    Anybody has the vids where he’s pegged?

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