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5 thoughts on “If you miss Leo Domenico

  1. He started out by trying to compete for Mr. Gay UK…despite the fact that he’s not actually gay. At most he’s bi, but I always assumed just Gay4Pay, because he only ever had girlfriends and has at least one kid.

    He doesn’t have any staying power, so he must be back out of desperation and won’t be here for long. And looking at his Twitter and OF, it looks like he’s only willing to top this time around.

    He also doesn’t look anywhere near as good as he used to 11 years ago and instead looks very plastic and over manscaped.

  2. 2 scenes of his stand out for me. His bottoming in an elevator and his topping Gabriel Clark in a London bar. If he really wanted to return, bottoming for Gabriel, Josh or Logan Moore, Roman Todd Or Ryhyeim Shabazz might get the nasty taste of g4p loser out of our mouths

  3. I must be in the minority here because I always thought his scenes were hot. He usually looked interested and if I remember, liked kissing guys. And it does not bother me one way or another if he has a kid or girlfriend at home. Just, if he has energy in his sex scenes made for us to watch…
    Anyway, I think the “now” picture is HOT !

  4. Next!

    Another returnee wanting to grab the Gay Male public attention, which of course loads will fall forπŸ™„ Then once he had made his money and rode high on the attention, he will move on back to his boring life.

    Nothing changes in the world of Gay Porn does it?

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