Then & now on Marty Stevens of Belami Online

Marty Stevens started as a model at Belami Online in the early 90s as Marty Beavins, the name he used for his Fresh Men magazine shoot.

He was also known as Emil Ruttkay in Siberian Heat [scene 5].

He has been a familiar fixture behind the scenes at Belami Online. He was on the set with Rhys Jagger & Hoyt Kogan.


  1. HermanCee

    I have always had the HOTS for Marty. Beautiful man behind the camera and in front. I am glad he took over Bel Ami from the Falcon mafia. He and his team have done a wonderful job over the years.

  2. Daudder

    BelAmi men are, and have always been, ridiculously hot.

  3. Brusier

    Lukas Ridgstone also has been working as director of production for years. Rumor has it George Duroy has given a substantial interest financially in Bel Ami.

  4. Reg

    Is he staying behind the camera, because I would be SO much more interested in seeing him perform again, instead of a lot of their new guys.

  5. Paul

    His work in front of the camera was limited to solos, a softcore simulation, and a dimly lit, stunted duo back in the day. More recently non-sexual appearances only. He may be even more appealing today, but his best work to date has definitely been behind the camera.

  6. Gazzaq

    Bel Ami used to be one the hottest studios but overt the last few years, it boring bland samey sex which had had its day with old content being released continually and put out as new!

  7. Philby

    From the pics at the top, Marty appears to be cut. That’s quite unusual for a BelAmi performer.

  8. Bevlap

    In the mid-nineties, prior to his BA days, Marty co-directed with William Higgins the movie Puda (The Attic). The arty Pasolini-like shots obviously came from Marty. The movie had been illusive for a long time until Channel1Releasing re-released it on DVD in 2016 as Playroom. Cast was a mix of WH and BA models and one or two I’ve never seen anywhere else, like the hot redhead banjo player.

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