Peter Pounder is back with one of the original owners of Mormon Boys

Peter Pounder was first known as Elder Sorenson at Mormon Boys back in 2015.

Mormon Boys was renamed to Missionary Boys in 2018. Elder Sorensen has moved on and used the name Peter Pounder for sites like Men.

The owners of Missionary Boys had a falling out. LeGrand Wolf lost Missionary Boys to his partners, who created Say Uncle.

LeGrand created his own sites, now under Carnal+. It included Masonic Boys, which has a similar concept as Missionary Boys.

Now, Peter is back with Legrand Wolf at Carnal+.


  1. Steve

    Thank you for the explanation. I had heard that the falling out was over legal issues due to the original Mormon boys name. I was also wondering why so many new porn sites associated with LeGrand wolf were popping up recently as well .

  2. Brad

    Makes you wonder who ended up with ” Boy for sale” ? If there’s any site that might lead to legal issues ( as it basically depicts sex trafficking) it would be that.

    • draziL

      Boy for Sale is under Carnal+ so its Legrands’ site.

  3. Jktooo

    I LUV this man! He wears his life on his sleeve. And he is intelligent and deep. He is also a rare PS who will engage in intellectual convos w his fans. I like him a lot.

  4. Gazzaq

    Well jeez its all drama in the world of Gay Porn aint it? I like Legrand Wolf he pretty decent performer, although a lot on here dont like his genre buts load of his subscribers and fans do!

  5. BigJoe59


    a reply to Brad’s comment- Boy For Sale would be in legal trouble if any of the twink models
    were actually victims of sex trafficking. a site isn’t illegal based simply on what its about, the models
    would actually have to be victims of sex trafficking.

    • Gazzaq

      Agreed and they provide a legal fantasy though some on this blog far too get defensive and far too judgemental and will argue against this fact.

      None of the models are under legal age and none are victims of sex trafficking seriously.

      Get A Bleeding Grip’ as not everyone like the bland CF et al porn genres!

  6. Lonny

    Love his straight porn too.

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