Tom Faulk is back in prison “although I had no part in the “why”, I am going back to the big house. Damn. I didn’t even make it 7 days out of prison.” (tip @ Reg)

At the end of November 2022, Tom Faulk [movies] was released from prison.

In less than a week out of prison, he was back again.

From Reg “I did an inmate search, but I couldn’t find anything, but his Facebook and Twitter have been quiet ever since he made that post.


  1. Bruiser

    I’m Shocked! Shocked! to fine gambling in Casablanca!

  2. rockhard288

    Recidivism is common. That’s how our system was set up. These guys get out, no help, no one wanting to help them get back on their feet or even interact with them. So they go back to the crowd of people they shouldn’t and end up right back. Either that or he decided it was better in prison because he actually gets taken care of compared to the real world, couldn’t adjust to the changes, etc. Sad

  3. john

    That’s really quite sad.

  4. Pertinax

    Porn isn’t made by altar boys.

    • CC26

      You’d be surprised…

  5. Soothsay

    I seem to remember something about this…it iwas…Cliff Jensen, I think? Who posted something on Twitter about this? I feel like he said Tom Faulk was assaulted at his halfway house because ppl found out about the past, and the violence was a parole violation for everyone, so…everybody went back.

    • Reg

      Is Cliff back in prison now too? He’s still active on Twitter, but now it’s ALL straight Tweets and he’d never have you know he’d ever been Gay4Pay.

      • Soothsay

        I don’t think so – I just remember Cliff Jensen was one of the few active pornstars that posted about Tom Faulk, and it seems they kept in touch while Faulk was in. But, no – not as far as I know is Jensen back in prison.

        He does make Disruptive and Icon videos every so often? I’ve seen one of each from him in the last 2 months, I think

      • Andy

        Cliff has gotten his life back on track. Cliff went to prison I think twice already. Cliff learned his lesson he is in college and still works in porn. Cliff is thriving now. I hope Tom Faulk can get it together. It isn’t too late he is young.

  6. Dorian Lumeski

    Thoughts & Prayers

  7. Andy

    that’s really sad this guy needs a support system. Disappointing America doesn’t help men who get released from prison. He is a young guy I think in his late 20s or early 30s Tom Faulk.

    • Kevin1012

      29 years…

  8. OldFatGuy

    You have to realize that he’s in Texas where there is no support system and they don’t do anything to help anybody. Also the face tattoos won’t help in the future. C’mon guys, the rule is supposed to be that you have to be able to cover up the tattoos with a long sleeve shirt buttoned up at the collar. And you have to wonder how anyone at the halfway house knew he did gay porn; perhaps he needs to be more secretive and refrain from discussing that part of his past.

  9. Lucas

    He had the fattest ass back in the day. He’s still one of the greats. Sad to see him still struggling. Wishing him the best.

  10. Jake

    Agree this is sad but the face tattoos are a big mistake. Also, living in Texas is a stupid choice – get $60 bucks together for a Greyhound ticket and move to a non-hell hole state – Texas, unless you’re a remote worker with a degree working in Austin (and even then it’s still a stupid ass living situation.

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