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Tom Faulk was released from prison after 4 years

Tom Faulk [movies] started in 2011 at College Dudes.

Majority of his scenes were released by Men.

He was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to prison for 7 years in 2019.

15 thoughts on “Tom Faulk was released from prison after 4 years

  1. I wish him well but judging from his “artwork” he’ll be back in lock up sooner rather then later.

    1. He was so good looking and wholesome.. this is the dark side of the gay community! Evil bitches….

  2. I really like him but sorry he made a poor choice. Hopefully, he will become a better person. I bet he got gangbang in prison. Wish you the BEST Tom.

  3. Good for him getting out…but those terrible tattoos are really going to make life on the outside different for him. I actually thought facial tattoos were gang tattoos? Maybe getting them got him safely through the stay, but he needs to get them removed now he’s out.

  4. Those face tattoos indicate he still makes poor and impulsive decisions. Probably going to be back in prison or dead in a few years.

  5. I’m kinda shocked the usual gang of ” so what if he was in jail.. men freed from jail are HOTT!! ” gang on here aren’t creating a GoFundMe page and leave Brittany alone-ing this guy..

    I give him six months…

  6. I was a fan of Tom Faulk. I always thought he was handsome and I loved seeing him with a dick in his ass. Unfortunately, I can’t help but agree with the majority on here who don’t see this ending well for him. Honestly, I hope he stays away from porn, gets the face tattoos removed, and tries to get a job and turn his life around. I honestly don’t want to be reading about him being in another self-destructive downward spiral in a few months.

  7. I wish Tom well. Man, he sure was cute and just the right body size back in the day…
    But judging from the adult decisions ( ugly ink ) he has made recently, not holding out much hope for a “normal” life.
    He seems to share a lot in common with Aaron Carter. Ugly body ink, Very Ugly Face ink, a constant drug addiction, bad with money….
    I really hope he does not take the Aaron Carter way out.

  8. I wish Tom Faulk well but now a critical time. It isn’t easy to transition from prison life to living on outside. Can he get a job? Will he get help? The tattoos are problematic.

  9. For me, he was always a “meh” performer, but I was liking him more right before he went in. Unfortunately, he has made some choices in prison that will probably have detrimental effect on his future. Regardless, I wish him well and hope he manages to get his life together.

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