Scenes of Dario Dolce at Belami Online were filmed more than 5 years ago

Dario Dolce [movies] was first (?) known as Asen (later renamed to Dario Dolce) at East Boys in 2006.

It was Belami Online who gave him the name Dario Dolce when he was introduced in 2008 (?).

He had a scene tagged as a Condom Archive released last month. That scene was filmed before 2014, the year Belami Online mentioned in one of their scene descriptions that their archive of condom scenes was nearing its end.

You’ll know if it’s a recent scene of Dario. He now has a tattoo on his chest since 2018.

Dario may have left Belami Online in 2015, the year he joined Twitter.

This is the latest photo shared by Dario.


  1. Srw

    As people know, George Duroy likes clean-cut guys. Dunno whether Dario’s tattoo had anything to do with him leaving, but he’s not gonna be asked back with that one.

    I can get on board with some tattoos, but that one – right in the middle and its own like that – is pretty terrible.

  2. Bruiser

    We’ll obviously he loves the bitches.

  3. Gazzaq

    Nah not like this at all thanks and you should have pout some of the pic re what he actually looks like now. And Bel Ami used be one of my favourite gay porn studios, but now are is bland and boring!

  4. Magnus

    It’s admirable that he loves dogs, but that tattoo is terrible. He’s just another once-cute guy who has gotten a little trashy with age.

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