From Gay Hoopla “Getting ready for a big @GayHoopla announcement on 3/11. Just giving the trolls a heads up so they can compile their complaints ahead of time.”

For the past two weeks, Gay Hoopla has not released new hardcore scenes. Just “Never Before Seen” scenes from previously released scenes from an alternate camera angle and a compilation scene.

This is the screenshot that took from the Gay Hoopla site yesterday.

This is the current screenshot of the Gay Hoopla site.

Notice the difference?

Gay Hoopla added previously released scenes as current updates. For instance, the Jeremy Barker & Mick Rocket scene was released three months ago.

Even the date of release of the solo scene of Dillon James was changed from February 19 to February 13. That’s the reason why Jack Grey’s solo is now in between Dillon’s solo scenes.

Expect more changes from Gay Hoopla in the next few days.


  1. Gazzaq

    Yeah mate I heard this was occurring last week when Marcel stated this on the ‘From Gay Hoopla to Next Door Studios for Cameron Jones’ post on March 3, 2023. Not bother if Gay Hoopla packs up and ends, the sooner better as they clearly despise their Gay Subscribers and Fans and have for ages now!

    They only want the Gay Coin and that it and have used that to fund and concentrate on the Heteros side of the business. However compare to other straight sites (and there are too many to mention,) my prediction, is they wont cut it in that saturated industry, and the only thing they have going for them is the fact that can recruit lots of hot new guys compared to already establish straight porn stars, whose performances are mediocre at best!

  2. Max

    In situations like this, I’m reminded of how the mafia owned the gay bars in NYC back in the day.

    • Masked

      I don’t understand how the two are similar.

      • Bert

        @ masked, this is what you have after a short time on opioids.

  3. sejabemviado (@bottom_brazil)

    Oh great. On top of clueless homophobic straight men running this side now they add a woman with the same cunty behavior. I really hope they’re shutting down because there is absolutely no hope that they will ever do better – they just don’t want to.

    • sejabemviado (@bottom_brazil)

      *site not side

    • Eric

      Gay Hoopla shutting down sure would be a welcome announcement. It’s been a while since any porn studios went out of business, right?

    • ncbored

      What’s this about adding a woman?

      • Cherrystick

        Looks like to their new PR/administrative area. That’s based off of the last tweet in the post from what looks to be a females profile pic. If that’s the case, her and this lame ass company/studio need to exit stage left immediately.

        • Gazzaq

          She is the JF Director of Marketing for Blurred Media. Hence the push in the HGF Hetero content!

  4. K

    While there was a period I didn’t even care to look at GayHoopla’s work and there was time when I heard they didn’t treat their models right, I thought it becomes quite decent at some point. I guess the future of the site has been decided, so there’s no point wishing for anything else. But I’ll miss guys like James Manziel or Canelo Ment a lot.

    If concentrating on bi and straight sides is good for their business, then I can’t say more but wish them well. I never subscribe to their bi site rarely ever get to watch their work, but some that I did of my favorite models were hot! ❤️ (But well, it’s my favorite guys)

    • Reg

      The rumour was that they treated their guys shockingly and ridiculed any of the men who actually seemed to enjoy the scenes and were “gay”. The later rumour was that they started only hiring men who were toxic and as bad as those behind the cameras.

      Based on the clear mental illness, drug abuse with steroids and ranting and ravings of Sean Costin and Collin Simpson on Twitter…

      • Gustavo Melo

        Do you have examples of the guys who were made fun of? Did they expose? That’s curious.

        And what were the toxic guys? Any ideas/guesses?

        • Res1

          The one who died recently. I’m so bad with names, but google it. They did have actual out models. I know Alex is openly gay. I know they made Alex do straight porn, a scene, but he is gay. He’s on Twitter.

      • K

        Wait, seriously? I didn’t pay attention to weel to gossips and shit and it was that bad!😲

  5. Avoid Avoid Avoid

    Oh, LaHOLDer is a run-of-the-mill Bitcoin/stock 🚀🚀🚀🌕/Tesla/Elon fanboy type who likes conservative tweets. That explains a LOT. Imagine giving this type of person your money. Gay men, please do better ffs.

  6. Reg

    It’s a PRETTY bad sign when a “website” feels the need to address its detractors, critics and people who just think it’s a shit-show.

    • daniel w

      Yeah I love how people giving the company negative feedback are “trolls” 0_0

  7. Rockhard288

    If they have hetero women working on staff you already know it’s a wrap. This site was extremely problematic, but they were the only ones for a while showing a diverse range of clean cut/all american jock guys (at least modern version of it with the tats and stuff) instead of the usual white guys. Sean Cody fell, Corbin Fisher is declining. End of an era. Maybe someone can start a site that can fill that void, but I’m afraid you’re going to be paying a la carte with these fan sites. And that will be more costly since these fan site models love to charge a lot for their content which is mostly relegated to PPV these days. While putting in the most minimal effort.

    • ncbored

      Does that mean no gays should be allowed to work in PR or administrative positions for straight porn companies?

      • Gazzaq

        No it means if you are gay and you work in PR or administrative positions for straight porn companies, you stick to the ethos of the company. Unfortunately its the other was round for straights working in PR or administrative positions for gay porn companies, i,e Gay Hoopla and Sean Cody et al!

  8. Eric

    When a business announces an upcoming “big annoucement” it’s never for anything anybody actually cares about. You would think the people who run Gay Hoopla would have learned that by now, but stupid people don’t learn.

  9. Rusty

    I’ve always appreciated that early on they brought on an actual diverse range of guys (compared to the other studios like SC and CF) and some of their models were openly gay from the beginning (Alex Griffen, Forrest Marks (RIP), Tyler Smith). They honestly had the best recruiting team for awhile even if they didn’t long how to film/respect their models. But GH has become an afterthought, just look at how they would release many guys’ solos after they’d already debuted on HGF and/or BGF. And of course, all the toxic, tech broey behavior that was barely kept behind the scenes.

    • Cherrystick

      Yeah but remember they even had Alex Griffin/Gage Kalama fuck a woman. That’s when I was starting to check out on them. They coined it as “Straight For Pay Alex Griffin Fucks Taylor Tats”. So let’s just say that’s a low moment for Alex/Gage and the company.

      Alex is bi. He might be more attracted to males but he’s for sure on the bi spectrum of things.

  10. Cherrystick

    These were the warning signs for me and this company. It’s also the reason why I don’t support and haven’t for a minute now.

    Alex/Gage Kalama was one of the models who marked the beginning of my end for the company. When he fucked a female and allowed the company to coin it as “ Straight For Pay”, I was like just about done. I can’t stand that it’s just as bad as “G4P”. Clearly it was a low point for Alex/Gage and for the company.

    It also became sus when they started pushing those damn secret keys and those male enhancement pills. That’s shit was sketchy to the core.

    The overly toxic masculinity vibes kicked in and the alleged abusive behavior towards their gay models accompanied by their decline in model recruitment and quality of scenes was too much to take.

    They would upload a new guy screwing women and then coin their solos as “gay” as an after thought to us. Clearly these men weren’t gay and clearly this gimmick is/should be their downfall.

    That was what made me zip up the wallet and slide it back in my tote. Rainbow flavored bucks aren’t going their way any longer.

  11. ericstrondheim8

    Ha ha! and some of those very trolls are right here on this forum!

  12. John

    Their big announcement is that they’re no longer filming gay porn

  13. Jay

    I’m actually not clear yet on exactly what the site will look like when they’re finished whatever it is they’re doing. I don’t watch this site often but they do have some pretty hot scenes. I’m really not going to spend a lot of time or anger as frankly why bother. Rest it a while and see what happens. As far as a woman in the front office who takes issue with that? We as the gay community are now exclusive like the groups we’ve been fighting to achieve equal rights or are we inclusive. Come on guys. What the heck difference does it make? Really. Super dumb. And one last thing at least she gave all the complainers and Gay attack dogs time to get in a tizzy. Oh and one last thing, whoever commented that Sean Cody went to crap and Corbin Fisher is right behind is partially right. Sean Cody died when MindGeek (Montreal Mafia) took over, removed thousands of great scenes which they sold to streaming services to pay their massive legal debt from Porn Hub and the Canadian Federal Government inquiries, and I quit every mind geek site like Sean Cody and Men and the thousands of others they seem to own. As far as Corbin Fisher only someone whose dial is stuck on desperately depressed or seriously short sighted would count them out. Relax and wait

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