After over a year, William Seed is back at Men

The last scene released of William Seed by Men was back in 2021.

He has been busy with his fan site.

If you miss him at Men, he has an upcoming scene with Joey Mills and Bruce Huxley to be released next week.

He is also back on Twitter.

– From William three months agohello friends, I have a personal problem, i will follow a 26 day therapy to cure an addiction that is hurting me ♥♥thank love and support


  1. K

    I hope he’s back to getting fucked too 😈

  2. Reg

    So…did the preposterously short stay in rehab work?

    He either was or still is, a self-proclaimed full-blown addict. I’m not sure what he was addicted to, but I suspect it was a lot nastier than steroids, but is he really now clean and sober?

    The man needed help and MEN isn’t going to give him that.

    • Jason

      He’s not mentally stable and this is the worst move for him.

  3. Norm

    Word on the street is he didn’t complete is stay in rehab. So draw your own conclusions.

    • Reg

      And it was only supposed to be such a SHORT stay! It was never going to be possible to turn the tide on an addiction in, what was it, a fortnight?

      Disaster is on the horizon for William :-/

  4. Pavel Ford

    I think the title of this piece is wrong…..
    It should read…. After over a year, William WENT TO SEED is back at Men
    Wow, William it is over.

  5. Gazzaq

    No interested in this guy to be fair!

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