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Kurt Lockwood, Collin Simpson & Austin Everett

sent by Tad Bond

Kurt Lockwood [movies] “I’m going to shoot a gay sex scene for this onlyfans account his month even if I have to pay for the other guy.

Kurt Lockwood recently posted over at his OnlyFans that he would like to film a gay scene this month. I remember reading here at the menofporn blog that Pierce Paris was going to film a scene with a major straight male porn star; I think it was a twitter post where he stated that. To my knowledge it never happened.

It would be terrific if Kurt Lockwood and Pierce Paris would do a collaboration. Kurt Lockwood’s bisexual scene for Mike Hancock was back in 2008 and it was reported on by menofporn back then. I for one thought that Kurt Lockwood was going to go on and become a gay porn star but it never happened.

He did do some bisexual cuckolding videos though and he got himself in better shape after his bisexual scene for Mike Hancock. His OnlyFans gay scenes have been with anonymous men and the postings have not be very often over the years.

I have often thought Icon Male would be a studio that should work with Kurt Lockwood. For example where he is paired with a twink.

I think Kurt Lockwood would be hot working in the Twink Top videos where Coach Lockwood gets gangbanged by some of his horny players.

If Pierce Paris could have a collaboration with Kurt Lockwood perhaps he could do one with Jay Ashley. I know Jay Ashley has been gone from porn for a long time but he was a terrific daddy type in his straight, bisexual and transsexual scenes and at least some of us wanted him to do some gay porn. It is a long shot but you never know.

sent by Roman

Look into Collin Simpson. He has been in jail for violating a TRO to stay away from his now ex wife and son.

sent by di denz!

I was wondering if you could do a post about the car crash that is Collin Simpson? I know you have done them before but apparently he is currently in jail for breaking the restraining order to stay away from his wife and his son. His mom is supposed to be using his twitter to let people know but the tweets are protected so I do not know. Is she on his side? So Collin is in jail the wife in rehab the son with the mother and she is running his twitter. It sounds like a soap opera and I would love to watch it!


Do you know what happened to Austin Everett/Elder Holland? It would be great if you and your followers found some updates on him and revisited it on your website.

17 thoughts on “Kurt Lockwood, Collin Simpson & Austin Everett

  1. Lockwood bottomed in a scene or 2 years ago. Pierce Paris. NO. Roman Todd, William Seed, Cade Maddox, Ryhyeim Shabazz, Josh Moore, Paddy O’Brian,Gabriel Clark, Logan Moore, Dakota Payne would all be better tops for Lockwood

    1. Right. Paris is usually floppy. And while I’m not anti-g4p in general, I think it would be cooler if Kurt got an actual gay performer, at least this time.

    2. I could definitely get into a Kurt Lockwood gay scene but agree: NOT with Pierce Paris. I watched that Mike Hancock MMF scene many times where Kurt Lockwood and Evan Grey (aka Hayden Stephens, Seth Sweet) flipped. Kurt was feeling it; his dirty talk was a turn on. (The woman, India Someone, was annoying and loud.) He took a ton of heat from the straight porn world for doing that scene.

      Kurt was definitely into assplay. I think I’m right: As far as before a camera, he first did some scenes where he got rimmed, and again, he was VERY into it. Pretty sure he did a Seymore Butts scene where two women ate his ass.

      Then after he got all buffed and worked-out, he did a lot of strap-on scenes where women used a dildo on him (he did a MMF dildo scene with Rod Barry where a woman toyed both of them; the guys didn’t do anything with each other than talk (Rod: “How’s she fucking, dude?”)

      I recall a scene with a transwoman scene where he got fucked; it was not good. His partner was unattractive and he was not into it (you could always tell when Kurt Lockwood was into sex, which was pretty much always.)

      idk, I always liked watching him and his up-for-anything attitude. But just no, no, no to flaccid, rubbery, floppy-dicked Pierce Paris. I wouldn’t mind seeing him do something with ChristianXXX (Max Diesel); one long-ago MMF scene with them was gay-adjacent.

      I am realizing I know too much about Kurt Lockwood; sorry for the Wiki-like post. Thanks Tad Bond for the intel.

  2. It looks like the drama surrounding Collin Simpson got even spicier, eh?

    It’s like a little soap opera: first he got the boot, then he used a child who isn’t even in his custody to e-beg, and now he’s in jail for violating a restraining order.

    That’s one hell of a wild ride.

    Did he go all roid rage into his ex-wife or something? I wouldn’t doubt this for a second if someone told me this, to be honest.

    It looks like Collin’s agressive treatment of his gay audience was just a reflection of his overall aggressiveness and short temper, the best two qualities a father and husband could have…

    The sugar daddy saga is going to be very promising…

    1. Well, he starts out in porn as the “boy next door”, then you start to see the changes. He bulks up, which at the time, I thought was natural, but it turns out that it roids. GayHoopla fired him, took over his “Collin Simpson” Twitter and posted on his behalf. “Collin” didn’t like that, so he created a profile in his real name of James Proctor. GH took him back, the roid habit got worse, his behaviour even worse than that, so they fired him a second time, but he must have got the CS Twitter in the divorce. He then keeps roiding, going from porn site to porn site, flirts veraciously with every fan he has…but then the homophobia kicks in. He starts Twitter ranting, naming and shaming, condemning anyone who dared to send him a dick pic, which he’d been asking for. He gets pretty sick and twisted in the head and towards guys…but he still keeps doing gay porn. The roids get worse, then he gets clean, then he gets STRAIGHT and we’ve a parade of girlfriends on his Twitter. One, after another, after more hate for the gays…then a wife, who was also an addict and he was calling her kids his, then he has another kid by her and now we’re where we are today. I don’t know what next week’s episode will hold!

      1. He flirted with his fans? That’s new to me.

        Also, he asked for the dick pics? Oh my…

        Things are starting to make sense now: he used to self-identify as bisexual in his early GH days, only switching to full-on straight after his relationship with them went south, a change which is directly correlated with his roid use.

        It looks like he roids took a considerable toll on his mental health and self-acceptance, a tragic but still predictable development.

        Also, it was pretty clear that his straight relationship was just for show considering the way he was parading his new family around like they were some kind of trophy or something.

        He wanted to distance himself from “the gays” so badly only to become a laughingstock to them. How tragic…

  3. Colin Simpson is riding on the same bus as Tom Faulk. Hope he doesn’t get off at the Sebastian Young stop.

    1. Jesus…raping his infant child? SY is thankfully burning in Hell and as terrible a father as CS clearly is, do you really think he’ll slip into paedophilia or filicide?

        1. He certainly likes young girls. I think at least two of the charges have been sex with at least 17 year olds. I’m not sure he’s a paedophile…or technically one, because doesn’t a girl have to be younger than that for you to be classed as nonce?

          I don’t know, maybe it’s not just young girls, but also little girls, because the guy is a mess. I just hope he’s not leaving a parade of abused children in his wake :-/

  4. Kurt was having a serious breakdown the last I heard anything of him and Collin…his Tweets are protected now, so does anyone follow him to know what’s really going on?

  5. Kurt is a good guy, he’s an aspie, and had some problems. Hopefully, he’s on the good road now. I don’t think the straight actor with Pierce was Kurt, but I could be wrong. I was leaning more toward Xander C., as he’s never officially anything gay, just a lot of DPs (which are almost gay/bi these days). I think it may have been filmed and then shelved for a later date.

  6. Austin Everett was in three scenes from Next Door Studios, way back in 2016. I don’t usually care for hairless blond twinks, but he had that je ne sais quoi, especially in “Sleepy Hands”.

  7. I also have a crush on Austin Everett/Elder Holland tooooo. He is so sexy.

  8. Collin was a resident at the substance abuse center that I worked at a couple of years ago. He didn’t participate in working on his addiction or trauma. He seemed as if he was better than the other clients there. This situation he’s going through now fits with someone that refuses to deal with their issues. Very sad

  9. The last scenes of him that got posted are his scenes in Bottom Games but that was filmed years prior to the launch of Bottom Games.

    1. The scenes of Austin Everett that were posted most recently are his scenes in Bottom Games, but that was filmed years before the launch of Bottom Games.

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