1. Cherrystick

    You could dress him up as a boxer, teacher, painter, businessman, fireman, waiter or Uber driver and he’d still boring as hell.

    • Gazzaq

      Nah I disagree he ok in my book!

    • Alex W

      I’d have to agree. If he wasn’t so robotic and detached, I could overlook the obvious.

  2. Reg

    He really does have the expression of a boxer who’s been hit in the head too many times.

  3. sammy1023

    His only good scene is when Finn Harding was banging him and Malik came on his own face. Malik needs to do much more of that, maybe getting boned from behind and take a few facials from the front.

    • Camille

      You are so mean man

      • Gazzaq

        I agree as I like the man and he does not listen to this lot on here does he as he makes his coin and gets more famous!

  4. Gazzaq

    I like Malik as he is good performer and I want to see more of him taking it in the ass. He had a lot of haters but does he give shit NO!

    As they say no publicity is bad publicity and he is making his coin.

    So haters keep on hating!!!!

  5. camille

    Come on! Malik is one of the most beautiful guys ever! I’m jealous of his attractiveness. It’s difficult to hate someone so beautiful as him

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