Miles Fallon as the bottom

The 5’6″ Miles Fallon first had a scene as the top at Bait Buddies last month.

It was followed by his solo at Chaos Men last week.

He won as your favorite model in last week’s poll.

Next month, his flip fuck scene with Caesar Rossi will be released by Chaos Men.


  1. Bastian

    Thats the only otter I would like to feed all day!

    • Ted

      I got to be honest, if in some cases we’re talking about giving fish, shellfish, some kind of food, I’m an open Otter opportunist. I love my gay and bi Otters, they are hot, but sea otters are also another level of cuteness I can’t resist! lol

  2. Michael

    He’s cute. I’m here for this.

  3. Gazzaq

    With that husband sized dick Miles needs to stick to bottoming full time!

  4. Reed

    what’s with the dirty feet?

  5. ML

    he has also appeared on guybone – hes so hot!

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