Jason Collins “I’ve finally decided to get cubic zirconia implants and 2 bridges to replace all my teeth.”



  1. Revolva

    Larkin truly is a gnarly, awful person.

  2. McM.

    Did anyone else look up cubic zirconia implants and were disappointed? lol

  3. Akerus

    Thank you for this Weekly Tweets series, Denz. It is incredibly entertaining and awakens my inner catty bitch in a way that I greatly enjoy.

    Now, shouldn’t Jason Collins try and do something about his utterly repulsive skin before replacing his teeth with implants? Not to mention that those hideous tattoos he has all over his body look positively disgusting. Sorry, but there isn’t anything attractive about a man who has perfect teeth, but whose face looks like a common Surinam toad’s deformed back and is covered in bizarre drawings.

    How can anyone want to buy Tom Faulk’s disturbing “art”? It’s horrifying and it shows that he has severe psychological problems – the mutilated women, the bizarre demons and anthropomorphic beasts, the messages that do not make any sense and the chaotic structure of everything, makes for a nightmarish vision. Unless someone is compiling drawings from potential serial killers for some research project, I cannot imagine anyone being interested in those hideous perpetrations.

    Travis Fox is extremely attractive, I won’t deny that. Ricky Larkin, however, isn’t. The only thing they have in common is a very simplistic (almost puerile, in fact) view of politics. Do they realize that most of the pseudo-conservative, pro-neoliberal social reactionaries whose ideology they share, don’t look too kindly on men who fuck other men for a living? I think that they need to exercise introspection and realize how absurd their position is… Supposing that they can, of course.

    Davin, tell your inner goddess to engage her brain before she types, because what you’re writing makes no sense whatsoever. You’re a pretentious fool and it isn’t amusing anymore.

    Christian XXX, the problem is not that transgender women should be denied the right to be legally seen as such, the problem is that many of the people who claim to be “women” would never be accepted in gender reassignment programs because they are extreme fetishists, and that is why they are promoting a noxious “self-identification” policy that is actually harmful to real trans people. Anyway, it’s only normal that you would defend these fetishists because you have a weird fixation on them.

    Rocky Vallarta, if you’re so tired of social media, stop sharing every single detail of your life on it and you’ll be just fine. And if you dislike being gay so much, you need help, because there is nothing wrong about it. You’re obviously looking for attention and it’s rather tiresome, sweetie.

    Dmitry Dickov and LaHODLer, go fuck yourselves.

    Roman Todd, please DO make yourself scarce. You’re the very definition of ‘overexposure’ and it’s becoming VERY tiring, especially when you won’t stop yakking about your personal life and how heterosexual you are.

    • FieldMedic

      WTF are you talking about wrt “many of the people who claim to be “women” would never be accepted in gender reassignment programs because they are extreme fetishists”?

      Are you listening to right-wing talking points because there’s no numbers or studies to back up this assertion?

      • Akerus

        Actually, no. Self-identification is a MASSIVELY controversial around the world, even within the transgender community. Without a gender dysphoria diagnosis and proper psychiatric protocols, it’s impossible to adequately assess someone’s gender identity and therefore, their status.

        Watch Chris Hedges’ interview with Eurydice Eve (both of whom are FAR from being conservative) and they discuss how certain male communities are demanding to be able to claim a feminine identity as a form of fetish. You can also watch the interviews that Katie Herzog has given, especially to Glenn Greenwald (again, hardly right-wing activists).

        Now, if YOU can provide evidence regarding how people who decide to self-identify as trans without any form of diagnosis are really transgender, I’d be very grateful. 🙂

  4. FieldMedic

    And Rocky Vallarta, we’re tired of you.

  5. Fathom

    I’m not on Twitter, so maybe I don’t know how to read the thread, but who is Travis Irons talking about?

    Rocky Vallarta, Elliot Finn and Ricky Larkin are lunatic assholes who I wish would go away once and for all.

  6. Epic Shade

    LOL Ricky Larkin has turned off comments to people he doesn’t follow. But for him to call the ROW NYC (formerly The Milford Plaza) a 4-star hotel is a reach. It’s a 2-star, at best. It’s also been turned into a hotel to house asylum-seekers and migrants because it needed revenue to pay for the mortgage the owners have already defaulted on several times. He really should follow that part of him that tells him to go to Mexico as a migrant.

  7. Pavel Ford

    WOW, That picture of Travis Fox ( formerly of CF fame ) standing in front of his parents house is Really SAD. He is obviously out of money and moved back home with mom and dad. He is trying to fan the flames of his few gay fans to support him again. Note to all porn “stars” – Have a back up plan for when your porn “career” ends. I really feel for this grifters parents.

  8. Camille

    How much money would I pay for my favorite porn actor? Millions of dollars and one piece of my heart. Sadly, the former I don’t have it.

  9. JR

    Elliot Finn- please disappear from the face of porn forever.

  10. Bsg67

    Travis the Trumpster dumpster nope, makes me miss Colin Simpson

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