Cliff Jensen, Legrand Wolf, and Sergeant Miles

Cliff Jensen is the latest gay porn star to film for BrazzersToday A decade Long Dream has come to fruition!“.

The height requirement to ride Legrand Wolf at Fun Size Boys.

I think they meant 5’6″.

Sergeant Miles may be out of gay porn but not in straight porn. His scene included Parker Ambrose, who was introduced in September 2022 as Jordan of Corbin Fisher.


  1. Gay PR Daddy

    No thanks get those Vajayjays out of the site please

    • Lonny

      Read the site description please. It not just for gay content.

  2. Jake

    Legrand Wolf is like Austin wolf..

    It’s funny how anyone in porn with the last name Wolf seems to be into 18-21 year old twins exclusively..

    • tig68

      Legrand Wolf is into these type of guys because he is like all pedophiles that likes little boys. Which is really sick even though they are of age. Who knows if he stops at the age of 18 or goes younger.

  3. IDK

    It says a lot when the “long dream” of many who work in the gay porn industry is to shoot straight scenes.

    And you know what’s the saddest thing about this? This is a thing even amongst self-identified “gay” performers, who even have the hypocrisy of posting photos about how gay they are.

    This really gives the impression that the gay porn industry is some kind of inferior, bottom-of-the barrel business.

    How progressive!

    • Cherrystick

      I call it the inner workings of gay erasure in a realm that supposed to be exclusively gay. It’s heartbreaking and ridiculous. I feel like if it’s your dream is to shoot str8 porn, your ass should’ve done it from the get go.

      • Reg

        And they could of. They could have applied to Brazzers or any number of straight porn websites from the off…but they chose to do gay porn, when they’re not even gay? What’s that all about? It used to be that gay porn paid more, because in straight porn, it’s all about the women. The pay is pretty much on-par these days, so that’s not an excuse. They choose to do gay porn, just the same as they choose to condemn it and rant and rave about it on Twitter when they do.

        I’m not sure if these guys are deluded, closeted or mentally ill, but you can’t even say that they’re turning out the goods with good scenes even!

        • Camille

          I don’t think straight porn pay more or equal as gay porn agencies for men. If I were a straight man, I would definitely prefer sticking on hetero content and not gay one. Based on what I read of supposed gay for pay models, they chose doing porn because they were at the right time and the right place.

        • Soothsay

          “The pay is pretty much on par” – Ifairly certain this is not true. Unless you are a huge name among men (and few are),men in straight porn (still) don’t make anywhere near what they’d make in gay porn. Regular pay for straight sex would likely be akin to what sommeone would make for, I don’t know, a solo scene in gay porn.

      • Jamie Lee

        Why is Sgt. Miles working at all? He is a bigot, gay- hater, and insurrectionist. He insults his gay costars and well as his followers. His own fan club quit because of his racist comments.
        Enough already.

        • IDK

          He still gets work because gay porn studios have the tendency to accept even the lowest common denominator.

  4. Cherrystick

    Cliff looks like a worn out mess so Brazzers please take him. Str8 porn please have your fun and you don’t have to return him.

    As for insurrectionist Sgt. Miles, I suggest you get all the fucking you can handle because your ass is nothing more than a lame criminal with fading looks and non existing talent. He’s gross.

    These guys feel like it’s such a triumph to get some kitty and express their happiness to their “gay” fans. It’s not a flex nor is it impressive.

    And I’m so tired of every other post being about some bi or str8 porn work or alias of these dud dudes. It seems like within the past week we’ve seen vaginas being tickled, licked, squirted and fucked and as a true gay man among many here, it’s exhausting. I know it sometimes is featured but lately it’s like damn!

    • Jsmithy

      It really sucks: I think that’s the state of the industry, but also a lot of consumers who prefer straight men.
      Look at the best new comer poll on this site or the “who took the best photo” on Str8upgayporn: the majority of the time the winner is someone who sleeps with women.
      If I see a guy has had sex with a cis woman, they go onto my no list, I find it repulsive. But the list is huge now. I mean Drew Dixon and Adam Russo ffs!

      • Cherrystick

        I forgot all about that floppy wig fool, Drew Dixon. What a hypocrite and liar.

        • Jsmithy

          Actually years ago at Divine Bitches.

  5. Reg

    The Gay4Pay guys doing straight porn. I’m shocked.

    • Camille

      It’s good. There have been discrimination against gay porn models in the straight market in the past.

      • Pssuucl

        There has been, but as testing is normalized in straight porn it makes past gay sex seem less risky.

        Plus the toxic macho culture of some old school studs like TT Boy is dated. A lot of straight porn acts require close contact with other men. the line between the two is not so defined.

  6. Camille

    Congratulations Cliff Jensen. For me, this is good news. No discrimination for gay porn models in the straight market.

  7. ericstrondheim8

    Congrats, Cliff. Brazzers is a big deal in porn, and they at least appear to be a bit more inclusive.

    • ericstrondheim8

      oh, but Sgt. Miles? I thought he was in prison for sedition. Hopefully he will stay out of gay porn.

      • MOP User

        Yeah, I wonder when this was filmed. I definitely saw him on a court document related to Jan 6th.

      • Reg

        Given how angry he is on social media, that doesn’t surprise me for a second. I’m only surprised the arrest isn’t for battery.

  8. Soothsa

    Correct me if I am wrong (and I am not)….but….men in straight porn traditionally get paid terribly – much worse than men in gay porn (even for solo scenes). Women make more than men, women have more visibility and far more name recognition (there’s like hundreds of ‘famous porn actresses’ who are currently making porn and like….eight ‘famous porn actors’).

    So, why would some man say its their dream to be at a straight porn site? That’s like being a pretty well paid account executive and saying your dream is to be the gjuy who pushes the mail cart.

    Unless, you’re Cliff Jensen, and you feel like some of your fans dislike your enjoymment of straight sex and women, and you want to get under their skin, using what I call the “deplorable” technique (in other words, lean into the criticism, and seek to bank off of it).

    Which would make Jensen a bit less of a hypocrite except when you consider when he was released from prison (yeah, Cliff, nobody’s ever- ever- forgetting that) the degree to which he begged his gay audience to simply take him back, and how they (not straight fans or bi fans) carried him…for years. And the moment you feel like you’ve milked it, and can drop the facade (on social media), you do.

    People aren’t anti-straight. People just feel used.

    • Cherrystick

      Boom. You hit that one out of the park. They do that all the time. When shit’s hitting the fan, “gays please cuddle me and help me”. When the smoke clears, it’s almost like a we’re a used cum soaked sock thrown in the corner. Exactly like Ricky and Alpha last week. Call for help but then call us morons and insult us.

    • ericstrondheim8

      you’re taking this way too personally. These people owe you absolutely nothing besides giving a performance (that you may or may not have even paid for). Stop being a big baby.

      • DeanD

        Hear, hear. It’s just porn, any considerations beyond that will do everything but get you off.

  9. ALan

    Cliff Jensen’s Rentmen profile used to say his cock was 10 inches. I’m still laughing.

  10. Pssuucl

    Some gay men here must think that their money for porn is going to save young gay waifs from the streets because other than good looks and a big cock they just can find work!

    The truth is that hot models view porn as a modeling job. While lots of straight men can play with men, they would probably prefer to make the same money with women. Some will even take a pay cut.

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