Travis Connor, English Lads, Dmitry Dickov, and Eddie Patrick

Travis Connor is the latest porn star to share a Twitter account with his real life boyfriend. The couple also does live cam shows at Chaturbate [room].

English Lads wants you to join their site to check out an unknown model.

Dmitry Dickov of Gay Hoopla is back doing live cam shows at Chaturbate [room].

Eddie Patrick, who had a scene released at Twink Top, is the latest porn star who can fuck himself with his own cock.


  1. Fathom

    Paul Codi, Travis Connor’s bf, is hot AF.

  2. OldFatGuy

    For a while Dmitry was chaturbating with fellow russian Slate Powers and his girlfriend (lustfullives) but perhaps there wasn’t enough interest in their 3 ways and now he’s working solo. Wonder if the 3 of them are still living together.

    • JJ

      What? He did a three-way show at Chaturbate? Was there any guy on guy act?

  3. Jupiter83

    I’m wondering why Dmitry is still doing CB shows. Didn’t he earn enough at GH/BGF/BGF.

    • trex

      Pretty obvious he needs the money. New format at Gayhoopla likely failing big time and although he portrayed himself as a savey “day trader,” those folks almost always lose all their money.

  4. HermanCee

    EnglishLads is hopeless at this point. No downloads and if you purchase Mr. Mystery, you only keep it as long as you stay a member. $31.00 buys you access to two years of archived material.
    Material you can’t even download.

    • ncbored

      Hard to believe this site is still around, with all those limitations!

  5. JJ

    I really like Dmitry. I’m happy to see him back!

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