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Lobo Carreira won as your favorite model for April 2023

Lobo Carreira, who first had a scene released by Lucas Entertainment, won over Alex Ink (his real life boyfriend), Miles Fallon, and Paco Colombiano as your favorite model for April 2023.

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Miles Fallon, Lobo Carreira, Alex Ink or Paco Colombiano?
761 votes
Ends on 05/31/2023

All four guys already had a scene released in gay porn.

For Lobo Carreira, he had two scenes each released at Lucas Entertainment, Eric Videos, and Raging Stallion.

5 thoughts on “Lobo Carreira won as your favorite model for April 2023

  1. I saw him having breakfast with his husband Alex at a restaurant in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, both are truly stunning.

    1. There’s some really hot about Portuguese men. Lobo and Sir Peter are the hottest men in gay porn rn. I would love to see them together 😍

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