Barebacked a woman: Max Carter (tip @ Adam)

Max Carter [movies] is known for his work in front of and behind the camera at Helix Studios, with almost 100 scenes released.

He has had relationships with a handful of models at Helix Studios. The most recent was Silas Brooks.

He is the latest porn star to share a sex video with a woman for his fan site.


  1. Jay

    He’s bi and most of the Helix models look like girls anyway. Not exactly shocking.

  2. logogay

    It’s no surprise to me that the next “ex gay” porn performer is jumping on the conversion therapy bandwagon. For me, Max, like Silas and the other guys from Helik, is just a boy who doesn’t know what he is anyway and, above all, what he wants. That’s why I don’t care. It’s just striking that after more than 100 scenes and several alleged relationships with boys at Helix, it only now occurred to him to shoot videos with pussies (LOL). It only annoys me when it’s adult (allegedly gay) men with life experience who suddenly discover the female anatomy and let us gays constantly participate in how great it is to fuck a cunt! All gays (even the naive inexperienced ones out there) should finally wake up because otherwise pure gay porn will soon no longer exist (at least in America)

    • logogay

      I mean classifying himself as bi but then shooting over 100 scenes for a gay studio and supposedly also dating guys from that studio and only fucking with guys on his account so far, only to suddenly remember that he’s bi and so he fucks now pussy is hard to beat when it comes to sarcasm and hypocrisy. This shows how immature and childish these guy from Helix are.

      • IDK

        For his credit, at least he never actively identified himself as gay.

        It’s because of this little factor that I don’t really care about this at all.

        • logogay

          I never claimed that either. Read well when you read. I get the irony of waiting so long to fuck a woman and doing it on camera, why did he wait so long? The only thing that strikes me is the point in time when suddenly (almost) all the actors who previously only had gay content now suddenly want to play their straight card. Even the twinks….that doesn’t make them any better or more attractive they just lose gay fans.

      • Gazzaq

        Sadly this is the ‘Gay Porn’ Industry all over you have to show that you actually have sex with women to work within the industry nowadays!

  3. bottomboyfrombrazil

    Oh gosh here we go with this bullshit again
    And also, he is more feminine than her so this is practically lesbian porn
    It shouldn’t be here by ANY means


      Você é muito chato. O blog é seu? Não, então deixa o cara postar o que ele quiser. Se não está satisfeito, passe longe. Crie o seu blog e poste o que te interessar. Chega de haters.

      • bottomboyfrombrazil

        Nossa, lacrou, bicha. Volta pro twitter que lá esse tipo de post de mentalidade de quinta série faz sucesso.

        • HY_COLLECTOR

          Te garanto que não estou no twitter, tenho mais o que fazer.

        • HY_COLLECTOR

          Quero. Vai pagar pra mim?

  4. Sauron

    I almost forgot he is bi- most bi guys in the industry are masc muscular hunks with girlfriends while he looks like a french lesbian.

    • Txei

      you mean an elvish lesbian rt

  5. Meh

    Nobody is shitting at Roman Todd, Jayden Marcos or other bi/pan dudes fucking tuna on camera so why we shat a diarrhea at him.

  6. Joey

    Max Carter is not bi, he’s gay. And the only reason why this former Helix director (who was fired from Helix last year) is filming with a woman is because his boyfriend Silas Brooks did it first. FYI, Silas took Max back despite Max’s having sex with Silas’ hated twin brother Drake Von, which went public in a very ugly way. Max does not have a creative bone in his body; if he films a scene that doesn’t include Silas, which the majority of his OF scenes consist of, then it’s because Silas filmed with that person first.

    • logogay

      So a relationship of dependency between an alleged gay boy and an exploitative G4P boy! That makes the whole story even more ironic and genuine. lol……..

      • Joey

        I would say Max is much more dependant on Silas Brooks than Silas is of Max. Max can’t afford his own place so he’s moving in with Silas. Oh, just as roommates he claims… but roommates who fuck so how bad can that be?

        Honestly, ever since getting fucked by Drake Von, Max has been getting fucked over and over and over again. He just didn’t think he’d lose his regular Helix income over it.

        And yeah, I know on the Helix site it says Max is bi on his model page. Think what you want.

  7. lelia

    I see everyone forgot his criminal shit

    • logogay

      No, everyone here knows that, they just ignore it……

  8. R47

    Today he’s bottoming for Pierce Paris !! for Boy’s Halfway House. He looks ridden hard and put away wet

  9. Gazzaq

    No and I am sick to death of seeing these Gay Porn individuals showing us they are Bi/Hetero and fucking women on film to prove their Bi/Heterosexuality! Enough already!

    Its like identifying as being gay is seen as being negative!

    Over the last year, I have just unfollow loads of them on social media for exactly for this reason!

    • logogay

      What I just don’t get is why all of a sudden more and more bi guys who classify themselves from the beginning as bi, are constantly NOW shooting straight porn or threesomes with women after they’ve worked permanently for gay porn studios and have also only published gay videos on their own account. Ok, there is no exact timeline from when you have to prove your bisexuality to everyone out there, but why do these workers first start ringing the “gay door” and only much later, when no gay really opens the door for them, do they ring the bell for everyone out there? Or is it now because of all the poisoned politics and queer restrictions and homophobic laws that many now want to show themselves as pussy fuckers so as not to be insulted and exposed in public? Then these bi guys should have filmed with women from the beginning or should they have gone straight into the straight industry if they are suddenly so afraid of the reactions or consequences out there of being hated as gay sex worker? Sad development. And I don’t even want to start with those who classify themselves as GAY and then shoot with pussy now…..this whole hypocrisy out there is getting worse and worse……..

  10. NovaStar

    Another shiny example of how far down in the shitter gay porn has gone.

    I hate it here I really do. It’s the nightmare that never ends

  11. Cherrystick

    These individuals are all sorts of fucked up. They’re fucking each other like lab rats for cash and followers. He sleeps with men, two guys who are brothers and now females. He’s clearly showing one thing and one thing only and that’s desperation. Desperate to stay relative, desperate to fit in and obviously desperate to ruin his career.

    When these duds do stunts like this, it’s an instant unfollow and block. Gays have no time for this shit. In a climate where we basically have to break our necks for our homosexuality to be valid and to just be able to say the word GAY we have no time for little punks to try their best to play their fake gay cards and do little tasks to invalidate homosexuality and promote conversion. Max can go take several damn seats.

    • Gazzaq

      The thing is CS, sadly Gay Men are entertaining, supporting and encouraging this nonsense, as if you read the twitter comments by the thousands of these individual followers or go on other blogs like LPSG or, Gay Men will argue and belittle anyone who call out these these individuals for wanting to have sex with women and bragging about it.

      The over saturation of Hetero ideology that has consumes the Gay Porn Industry over the last few years, is bloody worrying and I hope this fades away in time, but I cant see this happening anytime soon. JFF/OF Baiters have certainly not helped with this recent change either!

      • Cherrystick

        True. You’re absolutely right. LPSG has some of the most disgusting people trolling true gays on there.

    • Gazzaq

      CS just responded to your comment buts its disappeared ?

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