13 thoughts on “First time bottom: Jeremiah of Sean Cody

  1. I always have a thing for boys that come back! I’m totally excited, though I can’t help but genuinely wish that the photo you posted is genuine and not something SeanCody instructed Jeremiah to do that face. Also, let this not be the only one bottoming scene Jeremiah does!😇

  2. Good for Jeremiah
    I miss so much STU BRANDON ABE my top 3 boys of SC. A lot of masturbation for you guys.

    1. For me I really miss guys like Peter, David, Conrad, Dusty, Shaw, Nixon, Ollie, Dean and even guys as new but ready to take anything like Phillip.

  3. The scene will suck just like it last two did. SC has become Men with all of the fake moaning and crap.

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