7 thoughts on “Back in action: Relax of Bi Latin Men, Alam Wernik, and Max Carter

  1. Pierce’s scenes makes my dick go as limp as his. He’s such a boner killer and he doesn’t even have to show his face. Alam looks pretty good for being gone a few years. No obnoxious tats or piercings and no frolicking with females after hai return. I’m impressed.

  2. I do like Relax & Randy Blue the first pairing shown. Web Studio sites as Bi Latin Men have been around for ages and are so under rated.

    Plus they been usurped by all of these new South American Only Fans/Just For Fans re Rhyheim Shabazz’s entourage. with individuals like Gael K dominating the industry and are grossly over exposed like the rest of them whose performances bland and samey!

    before I forget Alan W is looking good!

  3. God how I love that. What irony! And hey presto we have a new “gay video” from Max with an awful ex gay porn star (worn out Pierce Paris). And then for that awfully embarrassing side that seems like a mixture of addiction and abuse from these Owners. Totally uncomfortable. There’s something really uncomfortable about this studio and its premise. Back to Max. He really looks bad in the pictures in this video. As someone here in this blog said. “He looks like a french lesbian”. I agree with that but with all sorts of mental or chemical additives in his head?…no wonder he now wants to prove what a tough good pussyfucker he is now. Sad……

  4. There is not much to say about the other sites. Hot Latinos and Lucas is a solid perennial whose return rate is also consistent. Alam is a horny cunt.

  5. Geez Max… Max Max Max Max Max… how far you’ve fallen. Any regrets hooking up with Drake Von or are you ok with filming scenes like this just cause you needed the money???

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