Wants another comeback: Collin Simpson

Last month, Collin Simpson tweeted that he was done with porn again.

Today, he reached out to one of the owners of Gay Hoopla.



  1. Jktooo

    The guys an idiot.

  2. Mike

    First of all, why on earth would he reach out to GayHoopla? They’re the absolute worse for reasons already discussed ad nauseam here. If he wants to return to porn he should be hitting up Men, Next Door, Lucas, etc. He is acting like an idiot though, or maybe he has some type of mental health condition. Someone needs to sit him down and tell him he’s now an adult and needs to act like one. If he doesn’t want to do porn, fine. If he wants to do porn, fine — but its just silly and self-destructive to post all your insecurities and dirty laundry on Twitter. People will just tune you out, employers and most importantly your fans. Nobody has time from needless drama.

    • Akerus

      I completely agree with you. I think that part of the problem is that he has grown accustomed to people sending him gifts and money when he was the newest flavour of the month, with the hopes of getting his attention and obviously, something else. Now, he refuses to accept the fact that his star has completely faded and thus, he actually has to work and engage whatever fans he has left in a positive manner if he wants the easy life to continue. Also, I think that his complete lack of experience in anything other than porn and the social impact of sex work has taken its toll on him, and that is why he’s so unstable.

      I agree with the fact that he’d have to make the decision to continue or abandon adult work as a rational adult, but the problem is that he’s a lazy, entitled and petulant man-child who wants everything to fall on his lap, when it’s impossible. The crazy thing is that, if he were not such a shiftless fool, he could make quite a lot of money from OF or any other similar platforms, as similarly attractive men who do much less than he has ever done in gay porn, have managed to manage for years. Of course, that would require him to actually work, and he is allergic to it.

    • TheFantasy1215

      Yes, I agree with you. Doesn’t Collin Simpson hear that GayHoopla has ended up his gay sex now? lol. Idiot.

  3. Cherrystick

    We knew he wouldn’t be able to cope without porn/sex work. He’s so used to those rainbow flavored bucks. Think about this everyone. The only reason he wants to comeback is because they’re not shooting gay porn scenes anymore. He would only want to exclusively be filmed with females.

    I don’t even want to see him period. I don’t care if he’s fucking a man, woman, hell even a teddy bear filled with cockroaches. He’s such a disaster and a mess.

  4. NovaStar

    He needs to sit down somewhere and be nowhere near gay porn.

  5. IDK

    So the prodigal asshole returns!

    What a surprising and totally not predictable development!

    So it looks like it was all a ruse, like always. He’s probably, finally, got over the fact his retired pornstar cosplay would not hold any water in the inevitable custody hearings that are to come, and so decided to do a comeback.

    I won’t be surprised at all if a scene featuring him ends up being released in the near future.

  6. Bruiser

    Ya could have knocked me over with a feather!

    • C.A.

      He should be hitting up Rhyheim Shabazz at this point and trying to book a flight to Brazil. Rhyheim and his pose will treat him right and get plenty of content from him. He needs the money and Rhyheim is one of if not the biggest player in the game right now.

      Besides, after ripping off GH, it amazes me that he thinks they will just work with him again.

      • Bsg67

        Missed that one how did he rip off gh? Spill t

        • C.A.

          He staged a break in years ago when he moved in witht hem. They figured it out pretty quickly.

      • Rockhard288

        Is he comfortable and prepared to film with a bunch of black and brown people?

        • C.A.

          He’s done several interracial scens at GH.

      • McM.

        Why are you giving him ideas? lol

        • C.A.

          If he’s going to keep coming back, he might as well be used properly,Right?

  7. Reg

    Surprise, surprise. With GH though…haven’t they just abandoned their gay porn entirely? Why would anyone pay for a solo, unless he’s trying to get into their horrendous BGF?

    I do find it hilarious that someone is shaming him, just the way he was shaming people with screenshots.

    Of course he was going to come back to gay porn…it’s just whether or not anyone can stand to work with him, or will even be able to because of his behaviour.

    There’s more gay porn, probably another baby momma, steroids definitely and harder drugs too most likely and jail in Collin’s future. He might get up on his high horse every few months about being straight and sober, but this is his life.

    • TheFantasy1215

      Quote your words ‘He might get up on his high horse every few months about being straight and sober, but this is his life.’ Yes, you point out his problems. Collin Simpson is really acting like a silly man.

  8. Bsg67

    Groan followed by eye roll

  9. ericstrondheim8

    There should be a rule that they must stay away for at least six months, before “coming back”.

  10. Alias74

    Collin if you are reading this: I think you need to examine your life to try to figure out WHY it is that you like seem to enjoy the fast money and the shooting schedule of gay porn but the second you get a glimpse of the ability to “escape” the gay porn industry and content makers, you then shame/ridicule/insult the business and everyone associated with it. WHATEVER the issue is, please seek some kind of assistance – therapy, medication, yoga, hell….religion. I make no conclusions about what these “issues” may be but there has been an apparent combination of a lot of things from your public persona and social media and I think you need some insight to what’s driving your behavior and why you keep running back to gay porn for fast cash and minimal work BEFORE stepping back into the fold.
    Please take care.

    • Gazzaq

      Nicely Put! I could not have out that better myself!!!

  11. Alex W

    It’s a shame blacklisting doesn’t apply to porn stars. You can do, say, and act any way you please and the scroungier and loathsome you are, you’re always guaranteed a job. That’s the standards of porn, sadly.

    • Gazzaq

      Yep and its the gay public that keep on giving these delusional individuals our hard earn cash and undivided attention to be fair!

      So no wonder they feel they can behave this way and always forgiven and forget and let these guys get away with it!

      Just Saying!

  12. asis

    im disappointed people feel the need to attack him for making his choices and living his life as flawed as it is – who am I to judge. hes probaby a better person than me

  13. Jay

    Thanks for cumming but it’s a no for me.

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