Roundup: Mason Sky as the top and bottom in a bisexual threesome, Kenzo Alvarez and Maverick Sun as soldiers, and feet for Bruno Galvez and Bruno The Beard X

Mason Sky is back at Bi Guys Fuck after over two years in a threesome with the newbie Mike Bourbon.

Kenzo Alvarez, who is always the top, and his roommate Maverick Sun at Men

Bruno Galvez, who is always the top, and Bruno The BeardX at Lucas Entertainment


  1. DownUnderLad

    This will go against popular opinion but much to my surprise, the scenes for BiGuysFuck are surprisingly hot.

    The guys are obviously into the female performers but they also have chemistry with each other as well.

    Maybe it’s the comfort/familiar factor of being with a woman combined with the kinky aspect of being with another guy that gets them goin.

    Whatever it is, there is a level of sexual spark in these scenes where all the performers are enjoying everything there is to offer.

    • Alias74

      WORD! I started watching the ones with Andy McBride and Cage….so fucking sexy and hot. This clip? When Mason starts getting fucked, it’s so fucking sexy as hell. Even eating pussy doesn’t distract from getting his anus split open. Fucking hot.

    • Magnus

      I love a good bi MMF threesome as long as the woman is attractive and doesn’t scream, moan and attempt to make the scene about her. She’s there for background.

  2. Peo

    The only good things about this post are Bruno Galvez and Bruno The Beard who (until now) look to be actual gays making porn for gays.

    • Gazzaq

      Bruno is as hot as when he first started in Gay Porn!

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