First time for Chuck Conrad, Tyga of Bi Latin Men & Colton Reece

First time of Chuck Conrad with a trans man at Men that had him top Tommy Tanner.

First time of Tyga as the bottom since his first scene released in 2020 at Bi Latin Men.

First scene of Colton Reese at Men is up next on the site that had him top Joey Mills.


  1. Chris Duran

    Yes, a “gay” porn site with pussy juice squirting everywhere. No thanks.

    • IDK

      Things went downhill when the fools at MG started to dump bi scenes and extended voyeuristic women roles on years ago.

      This is just the continuation of an already established trend, so I’m not surprised at all with this.

  2. HermanCee

    I’ve been waiting for Tyga to bottom for years. Love him so much.

    • K

      Super thrilled about Tyga too! Saw he got fucked for like 2 seconds on the trailer, hope it’s more extensive on the real thing.

      • kevin

        I liked Tyga being a bottom..but it just did not last long enought for me

  3. asis

    Are we supposed to pretend theres no vagina?

  4. Cherrystick

    The lack of stimulation is severe with this line up. Especially with that Men scene. Wonder who the “bright” guy was at this studio who said, “I’ve got it guys. That’s right people the best thing for gay/homosexual men to get off on is a vagina squirting fluids onto people. This will change the game.” Hopefully that person will soon be on administrative leave cause they were dead wrong.

    And further more, who’s stuck to have to clean that stuff up? I mean damn.

    • Gay PR Daddy is an embarrassment in Gay Porn at this point and Mindgeek has ruined a previously Good Gay Studio

  5. NovaStar

    I really wish MEN would go out of business. I don’t like that they force Bi & Trans scene unto us. They don’t do shit like this in Lesbian porn & I’m sure they don’t have 2 cisgendered men having sex on trans porn site. It’s fucking ridiculous, offensive & it needs to end

    • Cherrystick

      And you’ll never catch scenarios like this on Brazzers. Imagine a Brazzers scene where the guys like Johnny Sins etc.. are plowing another guy and the woman comes into the scene and he pulls his cock out of this guys ass to go sleep with her for the remainder of the scene. That shit would be an uproar with str8 guys and they would burn that studio and those models down to the ground on social media. Hell, they would go insane if they saw two dicks interacting with one another in a sexual manner at all.

      BUT… haven’t we seen that scenario played out on our gay porn sites multiple times. I’ve never seen so much female interaction or vaginas exposed on “gay” sites more in my life. It’s beyond ridiculous.

      • IDK

        Unfortunately, MG only pulls this white because many stand up for it.

        They don’t want to be considered “close minded” after all, so to hell with any sense of boundaries or self-respect in order to appease to the terminally online in social media.

    • IDK

      They don’t pull this shit on lesbian porn because the main demographic of said porn are straight men, not lesbians.

      Let’s just say that straight men simply don’t stand up for the same shit gay men do and MG knows this very well.

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