5 thoughts on “Newbie to watch: Denzel

  1. Very Nice! As Denzel’s pretty good performer and I do like a versatility in a gay porn performer.

    TIM I have always liked and they have not drop their standards or ethos’s despite the rest of the industry looking down in them over the years for producing bare backing sex scenes.

    I do wish however that Black Boy Addictionz would allowed full down loads instead of charging per scene to do so. as it so expensive. The guys who appear on this website are pure hotties and the action and production is excellent. Sadly do not get the amount of attention or adulation that a lot of the other studios do, which is shame to be fair!

    1. Totally agree with you about BBA’s lack of unlimited downloads! I won’t subscribe to a site that doesn’t allow downloads as part of the subscription price,

      1. It’s very easy to download videos from BBA. Not going to go into details. but just look for a video downloading app for your browser.

  2. It’s been fun watching Denzel evolve & become versatile on BBA & as a result, his films have gotten better and better. I can’t wait to see where his career goes from here.

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