Q & A by Men: Malik Delgaty “I think if you’re against gay, you’re just dumb.”

Men posted their interview with Malik Delgaty on Twitter for Pride Month.

Q. Your take on anti-queer bills across USA?

It’s stupid not to like gays. They didn’t do you wrong. They’re people, like you. for all the people who don’t like gays, 🖕 [middle finger].

Q. What is it like working in gay porn as a straight guy?

You work with a lot of people – trans, gay, lesbian… You just learn to be super open.

Q. How did you tell your family about porn and sex work?

I was a stripper for three years. I told my family before my first video that I’m gonna do gay porn, some were accepting and some were not.

Q. Is it hard to conciliate love life with work?

The first girlfriend that I had when I started, she didn’t accept it and she said “you choose me or you choose the job”. So, I choose the job and you just need to find a good one accepting what you do.

Q. What’s your favorite scene that you’ve worked on?

Oliver Robert – that scene partner, I think is the best.

Q. Who’s your dream scene partner?

Q. Any advice for future porn stars?

I hope that you’re more than six feet because you’re gonna get fucked and I’m gonna fuck you!

Up next for the 6’3″ Malik Delgaty at Men is his scene with the 6′ Trent King and the 5’9″ Braxton Cruz.

63 thoughts on “Q & A by Men: Malik Delgaty “I think if you’re against gay, you’re just dumb.”

  1. It’s nice that he recognizes how wrong it is to be against gays, especially since he gets his money from us. Other than that, he’s still a God-awful performer that needs to get as far away from gay porn as possible.

    1. He’s gorgeous, muscular and hung. There is a reason why he is so popular in gay porn and I gave you just some reasons why. Now if looks, muscles and a big dick don’t attract you in gay porn then I suggest you and others switch to straight porn, while the rest of us will enjoy the scenery in gay porn.

  2. Being “against gays” is not whats happening. Being againstGROOMING and TRANSING the children is whats behind smost of these laws being pushed. And u fkn leftist marxists pushing this BS should be ashamed of urselves for brainwashing innocent children. At least wait til Jr high to start sexualizing kids becuz by this time their brains r more developed. Theres ZERO reason to sexualize kids when theyre kids. NONE! And u fucks who disagree r fking disgusting human beings

        1. It you don’t like the gay community this fucking much, then what are you doing here?

          Go hang around the “based” crowd you must love so much then. Oh wait… they’re not too keen on people who aren’t straight, so never mind!

          1. U fucks hate opinions that arent urs. The most intolerant fucks on earth along w radical muslims. Ill voice my opinion when i want so fuck off!

          2. WTF is the “ gay “ community
            People are people . Everything & Everyone seems polar opposite in America – the Land of the free
            You would only need to read these blogs to find out that America seems to be the land of the repressed.
            To think I spent all my youth wanting to be American too

    1. Please stop.

      You sound like a random word generator in your conflation of multiple movements and ideologies that have nothing to do with each other.

        1. Yeah, unlike Tucker “14 year olds are old enough to breed, so it’s perfectly ok for them to be married off to grown ass men” Carlson.

    2. I completely agree with you, the LGTBHIJK… has become a kind of hateful sect that hates all the people who disagree and disagree with their idiocy. Using children for their political goals seems to me most repugnant. There are no anti-gay laws in the US, if there are in the communist and Islamist countries that this sect of Marxist lunatics like so much. Let them go to Russia, Cuba or North Korea if they feel so oppressed in America. I miss when gays were free in the 80s and 90s and everything was simpler. No, the woke culture for stupid people that exists at the moment. Today’s youth is full of idiots. Oh! and leave the children alone. Let them play children’s things and not adults as this sect of idiots now pretend

      1. Russia is communist now? I though they were “based” because of their promotion of prepubescent girls in their propaganda and repression of “degeneracy” via their anti “gay propaganda” laws.

        Also Cuba is anti-gay now? Really?!

        Gays were free in the 80s and 90s? WTF did you smoke?

        1. Putin is an ally of Cuba, Venezuela, China, Belarus and all the communist countries in the world. For example, in Spain, the communists support Putin and are in favor of the invasion of Ukraine. Don’t presume ignorance. Smarty.
          Cuba is anti-gay now? Cuba created concentration camps for homosexuals and jails for people with AIDS. 2 years ago they beat up and imprisoned the gays who took to the streets to celebrate the gay pride. Banned by the government. If you don’t know because you are ignorant, better shut up.
          What is it that you inject yourself? illiterate commie

          1. Oh, I see we have another random word generator here!

            I won’t defend Cuba’s mistakes in regards to its past anti-gay policies. That was shit then and it’s shit now.

            But you seem to forget the shit treatment the western world gave to gay people in the same timeframe: for one, in South Africa, gay men were forced by the state to undergo chemical castration as a type of “gay conversion therapy” procedure. In the US, McCarthysm was a thing and any gay men holding a public position was promptly persecuted by the same anti-communist forces you love so much.

            So I even need to cite how gay men were treated in Margaret Thatcher’s UK? Or in Canada?

            Trying single out communist governments of the past century as exclusively anti-gay compared to their western counterparts makes you look like an uniformed, alienated fool.

            1. It is not the last century, it is 2019. Gay prohibited, Gays beaten and imprisoned and sentenced to many years in prison. With Margaret Thatcher, Boy George, Elton John, Sommerville and so many gays lived free in London and Great Britain. In communist countries they were in concentration camps. What the fuck are you talking? Go to China, Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea if you are so oppressed in Western democracies. Illiterate. Gays in the UK have lived free and in democracy. Better shut your mouth, commie and go live in Russia or Cuba if you like it so much. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkox5wG0hy0

            2. It is not the last century, it is 2019. Gay prohibited, Gays beaten and imprisoned and sentenced to many years in prison. With Margaret Thatcher, Boy George, Elton John, Sommerville and so many gays lived free in London and Great Britain. In communist countries they were in concentration camps. What the fuck are you talking? Go to China, Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea if you are so oppressed in Western democracies. Illiterate. Gays in the UK have lived free and in democracy. Better shut your mouth, commie and go live in Russia or Cuba if you like it so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?

        2. Protesters against the communist dictatorship sentenced to 20 years in jail in your favorite democratic country. I don’t know what you’re doing in the US and you’re not going to enjoy freedom in a communist country. Cuba or North Korea, would be the best for you https://www.libertaddigital.com/internacional/latinoamerica/2022-02-15/la-dictadura-cubana-condena-con-hasta-20-anos-de-carcel-a-20-manifestantes-del-11j-6865365/

          1. Please go hang around your reactionary friends who only tolerate you because of optics but in reality hate every fabric of you for being a, in their own words, “sodomist degenerate”.

            Let’s see how that works out.

            1. Better your genocidal and terrorist friends who don’t tolerate people like you and they throw you off a roof or you end up in a rope from a crane or a beating in the street or with a bomb in a gay nightclub in Florida. “degenerate sodomite” they consider you and you must be eliminated. Ask the Bataclan in Paris or those stabbed in the name of Ala in America or Europe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTVmBs1k07c

      2. Gun violence being the #1 killer of children and youth in America, a shameful feat no other country in the world matches is due to conservatives such as yourself opposing all sensible gun laws like background checks, so to deflect criticism, you conservatives invented this scenario of drag queens being a bigger threat to children than being shot to death by a gun and you made transgender people a bigger threat to children than being shot to death by a gun.
        Now tell us who really are using children and youth as political pawns?

        1. Go to Cuba, Iran or Russia with your friends. You will be happier and the weapons will be held by the dictatorship so that you do not speak and be happy

      1. Why is there freedom of expression, something that you hate? That is what you would like that we could not give our opinion. Only those of your sect, idiot

    3. Who sexualizes children more than conservatives? How many conservative states have child bride laws on the books in 2023? Personally I lost count, but I’m sure you have eagerly kept count. Then there is the conservative pedo favorite; “child beauty” pageants where little girls are made up in full makeup and hair done, while wearing skimpy outfits and forced to dance suggestively in front of a room of mostly adult men. I’m sure you fully support that too. But it’s the drag queens that are the real threat!!

  3. Nice that men.com is doing a Pride interview series. At least men.com is showing a modicum of respect to their customers and fans. Kudos to Delgaty for sending out a positive message. One message to all potential commenters, now and in the future…. Please don’t feed the Trolls! 😉

    1. I dunno as all of this support for the Gay Community is for more free publicity for them and gain the company more of our time and money!!!

  4. It might be just me, but I don’t think doing the bare basics should be something worthy of praise.

    But then again: this is gay porn, an industry in which blatant homophobia and disrespect for gay men is close to a sport than anything.

      1. The questions made were just a reflection of the responses themselves: basic and shallow.

        This interview is as boring as Malik’s performance on gay porn.

    1. First of all, you need to closely read my reply. Second, if you don’t acknowledge when someone does the right thing and just cynically say that was the bare minimum and they suck that doesn’t exactly reinforce good behavior. You need to give credit when credit is due, and in this case men.com did the right thing. Regarding Delgaty being a boring performer, blah blah blah, that’s not relevant here at all. The fact is he said something nice and kind about the gay community. To then attack him because he said something nice is just bizarre.

      1. You’re way too naive if you believe a statement made on a scripted interview has any meaning, speciallyconsidering the whole context behind it.

        You might as well believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny then.

  5. MEN need to present themselves in a better light now, their image is bad, all the bad scenes with G4P performers, their conversion from a gay studio to a queer studio that now offers everything but not good gay porn. I think this is Mindgeek, even if it will have nothing to do with the gay porn industry in the future. They’re slowly getting away from it. Was the interview honest? (LOL) I don’t know. No man would insult his employers or what he really thinks about gay public that would be counterproductive. Unless your name is Cliff Jensen.
    And Malik is just a boring performer along with Kenzo, Chuck, Tony and many more other G4Payers in this studio. William Seed was like that too for this Studio, but at least he released quality gay videos on Private OF where he did everything with other men. This shows what a heterosexual agenda is behind MEN and Mindgeek. Nothing will be better for gay people or change for them in future.

  6. Malik is one of the most wooden and uninteresting performers I’ve ever seen in porn. He jack-rabbits in scenes, just jabbing into people, which isn’t appealing and he gets the most faraway look on his face. He’s totally detached from the situation and looks like he’s thinking about what to have for dinner or counting sheep. The man coasts on his looks, which really aren’t all that, but he believes they allow him to get away with being so tragic.

    MEN is humiliating themselves yet again by pushing a supposed inspirational video of a Gay4Pay performer for Pride. They don’t choose a gay model, or even a bisexual one, no…a straight guy, whose scenes are dire.

    1. That’s because you always think of the negative. And your hate towards Malik is damn unjustified that I don’t get it. If you don’t like this boy simply don’t watch him.

    2. I think it depends on the point of view. MEN or Mindgeek already have so many fans with different sexualities that there will always be supporters or those who are disinterested. They are moving away from good quality gay porn. But the fact is that all these actors,special like Malik, are G4P. Because if they were bi, they would also kiss men properly, rim, stay hard and produce no fake cum instead of this one-off shooting around in holes, which seems so one-dimensionally boring.

  7. Being Gay-for-payer itself is an insult to viewer- you suggest that you are here only for money and you are completly disinterested but you are greedy hoe so you will “allow” something.
    I have no problem with G4Pers in denial who are in reality bisexual or even gay but claim heterosexuality for X reason tho.
    Unironically Delgaty tasted homophobia not that long ago- some homophobe sliced his arm pretty badly when he was in Montreal gay village.

  8. Malik been directed by the company MEN to say all this. I like him as a performer, though he is not the best and poses far too much, but he is easy on the eye and need to bottom more!

    However I am very uncomfortable with this so call support from these individuals as they just use the community to further careers , just like all of this ‘Fake Love’ for us from these so called celebrities during Pride Month.

    We have to stop accepting this guys, and giving this adulation to these individuals and the Gay 4 Pay Companies, including the big ones like Corbin Fisher ‘gay-owned and gay-operated, yes whatever!

    As they just use the gay community to further their careers and line their own pockets thus making loads of money and discarding us when suited!

    1. Well said, but still the sad truth. We fight back and try to protect our territory, but there are already far too many who have their fingers in the pie to not only wipe out gay porn but mainly gay culture. Companies, performers, fanatics, even so-called gay porn blogs with their interview videos or postcasts are to blame, they are now doing a lot of advertising for queer things, changing the sexualization, spreading fantasies as they call it on the pretext of tolerance and acceptance. And if you are against it or express yourself, you are a hater crazy or an intolerant phobic. I am currently naming a Actor who likes to spread these or better say HIS theories: Derek Kage! This guy is awful

    2. Corbin Fischer might present itself as “gay4pay” company but it’s obvious majority of it’s midels aren’t straight. Models like Kellan, Quinn or Max spilled that they slept with many CF models who were taken as G4P, Elliot Finn said most CF guys were bi or gay so I kinda roll my eyes with that supposed “g4p problem”

  9. Cheers the thing is that we have become easy targets for these as we both mentioned and our community/gay porn have been rapidly invaded and saturated with their ideology, almost like the ‘boiled frog syndrome’ to be fair.

  10. He’s pandering and likely dislikes the community in reality. Also, the staff at Men.com don’t even seem like gay men, never mind Malik, it’s their mission in life to disrespect us while trying to take our money.

  11. We’ve all met someone who’s str8 and they have no wants nor desires to be with the same sex at all. They don’t want to kiss, they don’t want to have anal/oral sex with us. They can even become very upset if you push the button. So Malik, str8??!? Okay then…..

    Guys like him make me think about the type of men who might prefer women much more but they’re engaging in sex with men. Oh yeah that’s right they’re called bisexuals.

    For the ones who scream it’s a job and they’re actors. This isn’t acting for a film like famous actors. These guys aren’t getting Oscars. These men are engaging in hardcore, explicit gay sex to the likes that some actual gay men wouldn’t dare do and that lack of kissing ordeal doesn’t mean anything. There are many people who don’t like kissing. I’m one of them.

    Now here’s the thing, okay so you interviewed a “str8” man about how he feels about gay porn, hatred against gays and the gay community. I thank you for the disgust against anti-gay bigotry but do you really think he’s transparent about anything else. He’s snatching the gay dollar at any opportunity. He’s not going to say anything that would alienate that bank account. Plus if this is for Pride month, let’s highlight a gay or bisexual man first and then we can get a few anecdotes from allies. This is a weak from attempt MindGeek and I’m not giving a round of applause.

    This is another instance where homosexuality takes the back burner from these idiots and the adult industry. You’ve got a whole roster of fucking gay men you could’ve gotten intake from for Pride. You chose the str8 guy. This studio is so damn out of touch and in such an agenda, it’s startling.

    1. To be honest “acting” all those sex parts would take far more effort and energy than just going with the flow.
      That’s why I think bisexuals are the most preffered group by directors and producers
      Since they are into guys they have no problem with executing good enjoyable sex without 1000 edits.
      But at the same time most bisexuals have no romantic attraction to other guys so most of the time they won’t cause dramas like “that guy fucked by boyfriend and I am mad”

      So perfect candidate 4 gay porn is a guy who is turned on by guys but don’t love them, masculine, handsome with decent dick.

    2. Well Said CS.

      The truth is that Sean Cody, followed by Corbin Fisher both started and have continued for almost 20 years to keep up this adulation of the ‘Straight Man’ having multiple gay explicit sex scenes with loads of other blokes. Thus bring the fantasy alive!

      This had continually empowering these individuals, G4P companies and their openly gay fans, to challenged and defend their ideology, re over aggressively shouting down any one who questioned this ‘belief’ as being negative or bigoted, so that they could keep to the belief that the men participating within the industry are 100% Heterosexual, before they disappear back to their family/friends within their straight communities and the next lot are then recruited to repeat the process !!!

    3. I agree with you. Then again, I agree with most everything you say. Concerning Malik though. I do get what you’re saying and I liked that you put quotes around “str8”. I’ve been pondering something for quite awhile now. I wholeheartedly believe there are many guys in the industry that are in fact heterosexual and want nothing to do with gay men outside of their profession. The money is the only motivation for doing what they do. I do however think that some of these guys that claim to be straight are in the very least bisexual or within that bi spectrum on the kinsey scale. I’ve wondered about Malik. I’ve studied him a bit and he seems all too comfortable with guys. More than perhaps he’s even willing to admit. There’s a couple of key indicators for me with some of these porn performers. Their social media is pretty telling.

      Take Zeus Ray for example. Lean, hung Spanish porn star. He’s mostly doing OF work, but has worked with some Spanish porn studios as well. He’s adamantly professed to being straight a number of times though I’ve seen him suck dick, swallow cum, get fucked in the ass and fuck at least two guys thus far. I’ve also followed his twitter and he reposts copious amounts of gay porn from other performers (amateur and pro). I’m sorry. I don’t really buy into the straight thing with some of these guys. It definitely goes both ways. I think with Malik and Zeus, there’s a machismo factor happening here. I’m not sure if it’s culturally a French and Spanish thing to deny same sex attraction, but for me, their claims of heterosexuality doesn’t align with what my gut is telling me. Zeus more so than Malik, but still feel like Malik could be a borderline Kinsey bisexual. Just my thoughts. Even so, it doesn’t excuse his emotionless performances.

      1. I’d be satisfied if he’s bi. I don’t care what sexual orientation he might be. He’s so f*cking gorgeous and he’s willing to hang around with men even with money into consideration.

      2. Alex though I am not sure if you are referring to my comment or to Cherrystick’s original comment, and Zeus Ray stating he is straight “do me a favour whatever! Anyhow my ethos is this as I have said this before and this not been received well but sod it as my perspective having watch gay porn for number of years far too many to mention lets just say that Kurt Marshall was big at the time lol!

        So regarding “Straight” men appearing in gay porn, no matter how much they deny it, these individuals desire and want to have sex with men. They apply or are recruited to the websites and are given permission to have sex with other men on camera (as well as off camera) for multiple scenes making good money. They often consume cum in both holes and revered for this by their adoring gay male fans and thus keep up their hetero credentials.

        They state when question, “that we are 100% “Heterosexual” and woe betide anyone who states otherwise and millions of gay men with argue that this on their behalf, being vicious in their put downs of other who challenged them regarding which linked to Internal Homophobia.

        Then these guys leave gay porn and marry women to keep up the appearance of their Hetereo Lifestyles yet continue to have sex off camera with other men on the download. So in essence its ok to fuck on camera for money, and received the positive affirmations as well as the benefits received from it is a bonus and boost their fragile over inflated egos.

        But what they dont want to do to be identified with living openly as gay man and embracing the lifestyle or the accepting that they will be treated differently by society/communities/families and friends!

        So I finish with this. If you consider going into the G4Porn Industry, there has to be a desire/want to have sex with other guys. But whether you choose to live openly as Gay man, after this is another matter as it takes years to accept yourself and deal with all of the challenges that go with it.

        1. That reply was directed to cherrystick, but I agree with the both of you.

          Yep. Agreed. Think about the MANY real straight men in the industry that would never have sex with another man for any amount of money. I guess in some instances, money can be a motivating factor, but there is some physical attraction, even if just purely sexual. I get that many guys can be bisexual. Perhaps not biromantic. Then again, drug addictions can cause people to do things that normally wouldn’t do as well. The need for money doesn’t always pertain to comfort or luxury. A quick fix and you’ll sell your soul for it.

  12. Ah those messy girlfriend of gay porn stars..
    Malik gf put him in unconfortable situation, Quentin Gainz gf was his pimp, Ryan Idol gf was mad because she caught him in a bed with guy…

  13. His dream scene partner is Dean Young? What’s up with all these G4P porn stars and wanting to work with Dean Young lol. John Bronco said the same thing. I don’t find Dean Young attractive at all. There’s just something about his face lol.

    1. Straight guys would general prefer a pretty femboy over a masculine man if they were forced to choose. Straight guys are attracted to femininity, not masculinity.

      1. Nah mate if they were “Straight” as they claim they would not being having sex with men end of!

    2. I forgot to mention Josh Moore. He also has that face. Something about it is just not attractive.

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