Advocate for the environment: Tegan Zayne (tip @ Rei Hino)

Tegan Zayne first had scenes released in 2015 at Chaos Men.

After Chaos Men, majority of his scenes were released by Cocky Boys and Raging Stallion.

He is done with gay porn, and he wants it abolished.

He is now an advocate for the environment.

* If that is his real name, there was once a porn site (not owned by him) by that name.


  1. Gazzaq

    Tegan/Austin, will be back performing in Gay Porn as these guys cant keep away despite their negative judgemental statements! Reminds me of Cort from Corbin Fisher and his ‘you tube’ rants and I played his scenes where he taken several models hot fresh cum inside his gob.

    Says it all really!

    • HermanCee

      …and asking the Gay community to fund their bad life choices.

  2. logogay

    It’s good for him to see that after his “walk away from gay porn” he now seemingly joins normal, real projects to do good. lol But he should definitely stop letting go of confusing stuff or statements on the internet and defaming gay or gay porn. Because that doesn’t sound healthy anymore. I know that bad things happened to him and that he had a bad time when he was shooting for this industry. But blaming gays or the gay community and talking crap about them on the internet is the wrong path to success in therapy.

    • Galahaba

      Would you mind telling me what happened to him? I only remember him being a good performer at Chaosmen then I never really heard about him again.

    • Camille

      I totally agree with you. Porn itself is not bad. It’s fun. However, this world is full of negativity and toxicity that I guess it is more evident in porn.

  3. NovaStar

    I respect peoples right to change their mind & right to change how they do things but in this case, why does he and other people who think like him have to go to such extremes to separate themselves from the thing that they did once upon a time? For someone who says they are a Christian, he sure is judgmental as hell so why does he think he’s gonna get through to anyone in that manner? He comes off as bitter but no one told him to go into gay porn. It’s all good because in a year or two, he’ll be on one of these gay porn sites making his big “comeback”.

    • Ahahaah

      TBF, Christians are notoiously Judgmental.

    • Stan

      “For someone who says they are a Christian, he sure is judgmental as hell…”

      Unfortunately this is the standard in the Christian community for ages now. The only time these people “love the sinner, not the sin” is when it applies to themselves and their trying to get out of hot water.

  4. M

    He’s had a couple ‘come backs’ to porn already. I’ve always found him hot, charming, and a fun performer to watch, and has even written some interesting porn stories for I think Falcon. That all said, I’ve had the impression over the years he’s battling mental health demons that porn seems to make worse. Clearly he finds being an ethical slut in the world of too often exploitive porn too much to handle. Here’s hoping he finds peace.

  5. Cherrystick

    Good for him and his fight for our eco system but going on a thrash against sex workers just because you had a bad experience is so lame. Imagine if I had a bad experience with one person of a certain race and I correlated that experience to hating every single person of that race. That shit sounds and is ridiculous. Just leave the damn porn stage, wipe that cum off your face and hole then leave gracefully with no return.

    Trying to abolish an industry that existed before and will continue to exist after you is quite silly. Porn is a conglomerate and many people who have performed in the industry love doing porn as muscular as those who regret their choice. For whatever reason. Tegan/Austin said in one sentence what he really feels about people in porn… he calls them “whores and prostitutes”. So either he belittles people or he’s self hating.

    Reminds me of that damn Kyle Connors. Was guzzling cum and screaming about getting his pussy fucked whole turning red as a tomato and then a few months later, he’s posting pics of people being shielded from rainbows by the hand of God. Man please. You loved every second of gay sex and porn. These guys are the ones that need to be helped.

    • Gazzaq

      Its laughable as on his Twitter Page he still puts ‘formerly known as tegan @TeganZayne/ex-porn “star”

      If he is that bothered, why is still going by that name and he still has nearly 57000 follows due to his work in Gay Porn.

      Oh the irony of these delusional individuals in Gay Porn eh!

  6. Rockhard288

    To be fair Tegan was SA by another model when he was active. Could make one look outwards

  7. jvc

    Christians judgmental? I think you’re talking about the Christian fascists/nationalists you see inthe US nowadays. They call themselves christians, but it has nothing tot do with christianity!

  8. pornlover

    This person is extremely unwell. He has turned into a MAGA bigot. I know he’s talked about his mental struggles before. I hope he takes medication.

  9. seaguyparty

    He has joined the MAGA cult and is all in with believing the lies and conspiracy theories.

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