First scene for 2023: Paul Canon

Paul Canon made a comeback in 2021 via a threesome scene at Men. His most recent scene was also a threesome scene that Men released last year.

His first scene for this year is up next at Disruptive Films, with Andrew Miller as his bottom.

In this ‘office’ inspired romp, Evan Conner (Paul Cannon) is interviewed about his crush on coworker Kallum Mullen (Andrew Miller). Kallum knows more than he lets on, but when the time comes to lay it all out, cheeky Kallum is game.

8 thoughts on “First scene for 2023: Paul Canon

  1. Paul Cannon looks like a real wimp in this scene. Probably because this imitation of “Film” Studios ala MEN, Disruptive Film, should help the storyline. Why the hell does every goddamn gay porn studio have to shoot absurd gay porn storylines with miserable actors (these aren’t Hollywood people), some cunt actresses who are just accessories or are actively fucked and totally distract from the actual meaning of porn (namely only pure sex enjoy). Add to that these absurd, homophobic views or fantasies about gays or their gay culture in these horrible “movies”. Gayporn studios should stop developing epic stories with wannabe actors based on heteronormative notions of queer/bi/fluid/straight influence or fantasies and start creating their own websites or studios instead.

  2. Well we know one thing, he’s not interested in anything like me because he definitely doesn’t like his coffee black. If you catch my drift and so therefore he’s a strong pass.

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