1. Gazzaq

    This is old and should have stayed in the vault.

    Marco is retired from Porn and has gone back to his hetero life and wont be back to perform in Gay Porn.

    Ce La Fucking Vie!

    • Ariel Anatole

      I like the scene. Who cares what he is doing now. Facts are he filmed this and CF finally released it. His gay work was pretty fracking sexy. So is his straight work.

      • Gazzaq

        Yes Yes Quite!

        Good that you enjoyed his latest scene.

      • HermanCee

        I agree, Ariel. The scene with him gulping down Adriano’s cum was sensational. He looked like he really wanted and enjoyed that cum. I think he might be a little, you know… 🤣🔥

  2. logogay

    For CF and people who liked straightsex in gay porn : Hahahahahaaaaaaaa……….

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