Back in action: Levi Michaels aka Rustin Low (tip @ Meaux)

At Randy Blue, Levi Michaels first had scenes released in 2013.

After Randy Blue, he had scenes released at Cocky Boys until 2015.

He is back at Randy Blue as Rustin Low.

Rustin Low was the name that he used as a vlogger on YouTube, where he asked his followers to fund his trips.

13 thoughts on “Back in action: Levi Michaels aka Rustin Low (tip @ Meaux)

  1. Levi (Rustin) whatever is looking good and had aged well, as has Paul.

    However me thinks he is too big for his boots, and you what I like about you Denz, is that you show all sides of the performers positive and negative on this blog. The the last 2 bits certainty have not appeared on other blogs thus far, so I can imagine the response to his return would have been slightly less positive.


        1. Queer Me Now rarely put anything negative about any porn actors or studios. They don’t publish any negative comments on any of their posts.
          The kickbacks are the only way that site stays online

          1. Mate I have been banned from that blog since October 2016 for calling out the owner for not publishing the scene with Landon & Philip, who were the Sean Cody’s first non white duo performing together. So his continued fawning over Rhyheim Shabazz et al is nauseating!

  2. I remember when this guy scammed his followers by asking for donations for a project and then using the cash for himself. It’s pretty rich to see him complain about being ripped off himself.

  3. Levi Michaels or as he calls himself now, looked and still looks hot, especially his blue eyes are so sexy.

    1. I see you Don’t hold his past against him. Did he get his teeth fixed finally with all his stolen cash from the stupid suckers from the gofumdme shit. Those blue eyes are probably just new contacts the poor suckers bought him.

  4. I always liked any scene with Levi in it. He always brought a lot of energy and lust to his scenes. Definitely not G4P so I welcome him back.

  5. Just hopping from one trend to the next. Back then it wa a popular to be a vlogger. Now it’s popular to be an OnlyFans whore.

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