1. logogay

    I just can’t get over the fact that the revival of this site still exists. The new gay scenes at RB are boring (hardly any kissing, rimming or similar), much too short and without chemicals. The actors can also be seen better staged in other studios. So why pay RB? Nothing exciting…..

    • Alex

      They’re boring because most gay men these days are boring.

      • logogay

        Yes, maybe you’re right. Including you.

  2. Magnus

    Beefy and hairy. Very nice. Dom is very lucky to have nailed that ass!

  3. marky mark

    he looks amazing at Randy Blue, which right now is better than all the major studios combined. At least somebody there knows how to do casting and film a scene. Plus the guys look great with their body hair!

    • logogay

      Exactly, RB is currently the most successful gay porn company. LOL
      And I thought this title was claimed by MEN by promoting themselves as the biggest or best gay porn company on the web. LOL LOL

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