1. Jktooo

    Ur not fucking a man. Ur fucking a woman who took drugs to “be a man”. Theres no penis theres an ovary. Sorry to tell the truth. U like hole u like hole i get that. But dont believe ur fucking a MALE. To make u feel better about urself

    • FieldMedic

      Your dick doesn’t tell you that you are a male, if it was chopped off then you’d still be a male. You’re a male or female because your brain tells you that you are. Get a clue please before you keep spouting off this gibberish. And by get a clue I mean talk to an actual trans person.

      • IDK

        You know that this whole talk of “male” and “female” brains is peak pseudoscience, right?

        Even transactivists have abandoned this specific talking point a long time ago due to how stupid it is.

        Case in point: by your standard, gay men are now women and lesbian women are men, due to the many similarities between the brain wave activity between these groups.

        There are many aspects of the human body which indicate sex, from the primary and secondary sex characteristics to the chromosomes of a person. In 99,9% of cases this is a pretty thing to figure out.

      • hiro_shi

        “Your dick doesn’t tell you that you are a male..” HAHAHAHA

        “…, if it was chopped off then you’d still be a male”. Lmao… isn’t that the same as Jktoo was telling you that Asher James is a WOMAN?

        “You’re a male or female because your brain tells you that you are” means if I see a man with a vagina, then my brain immediately tells me that’s an adult human female. That means I’m not a crazy one. 😬

      • Bastian

        My brain tells me i’m a pink unicorn, so don’t you dare claim otherwise…
        Talk to trans people who, many years after transitioning, regret that they listened to what their brain was telling them when they decided on it.

      • jktooo

        Hey Jackass, do we reaffirm people w eating disorders (anorexics, bulemics, etc) who THINK they are fat, do we reaffirm their disorder by telling them “yeah, you’re fat alright, better throw up or eat less”. No we dont you jackass. as is we shouldnt reaffirm gender dysphoria, if its genuine as is the case w Kaitlyn Jenner then so be it (cause Jenner spent years and years knowing his shit about it before he proceeded). but if its cause of brainwash BS such as you are pedaling then fuck no we shouldnt. So STFU you ignorant moron.

        • Magnus

          I was with you up until the Jenner comparison. He’s a bad example. Body dysmorphia can exist for decades, and there’s nothing to suggest he’s any more “genuine” than anyone else. What we do know without question, however, is that he’s completely braindead, MAGA, guilty of vehicular manslaughter, and of negative value to the world.

          • Jktooo

            Dont let politics clout ur logic. Thats the problem w leftards.

    • Ariel Anatole

      Says the idiot in the room. Hope you enjoyed your cave. I prefer the sun 🌞

      • jktooo

        Ariel, it MORONS like YOU who hate the truth be told. Live in your ignorance ok, you’ll feel better about yourself at least.

        • hiro_shi

          Ariel wants to be a bird when actually is a fish. 😆

          • IDK

            Funny, because the original version of The Little Mermaid’s story is kind of interesting: while Ariel manages to get legs, she ends up not being able to use the damn things without it causing her extreme pain akin to nails piercing her feet every time she walks.

            Even so, she endures all of it due to her desire to marry the Prince… who promptly dumps her to get with an actual human women.

            The end of the story? I won’t spoil it, but I will anticipate one thing: it’s quite tragic.

  2. logogay

    It would be best to say nothing more about it. It’s just facts. Gays just have to accept these days. Currently in gay porn, a gay man needs to be able to eat or fuck vagina so he can call himself a working porn or corosso performer or have excuses. No gay performer is more proud of their sexuality. Gay subscribers or fans are no longer allowed either. In blogs, in public, we are insulted, defamed, laughed at. Just as some studios with such scenes where women participate or gay sex is presented as a joke is considered standard. The only ones who enjoy it are queer activists, fanatical religious politicians and people conservatives or conversion therapists. Sad state of gay porn 2023.

  3. NovaStar

    Jesus Fucking Christ are there any performers in gay porn who aare actually GAY? Like strictly dickly GAY? This is ridiculous. And then when they are with them trans folk, they do more to them than they do to actual men. They won’t suck dick or they’ll suck it every 10 scenes but they’ll eat pussy every chance they get. That’s fucking gross and offensive as hell. Is this ever gonna stop? It really needs to and it needs to happen immediately. Fuck this shit.

    • pornlover

      lol imagine being this triggered by porn. Get a life, dude.

      • IDK

        Imagine caring about porn on a freaking porn blog!

        How outrageous!

        • logogay

          I think we’re all starting to know who’s freaky on this blog.
          Gays who only watch GAY porn, defend it or are proud to be GAY certainly aren’t.

      • NovaStar

        You’re trying to insult me telling me to get a life but you’re the one who’s really triggered and can’t stand that someone isn’t thinking like you do. Go fuck off somewhere lol

        • pornlover

          You’re saying what someone does consensually is “offensive as hell”

          HOW? How is that offensive??? If you don’t like the porn actor or category…just don’t watch! There is so much porn out there for everyone. I just don’t understand why that would make you mad or offended lol. You need mental help.

          • NovaStar

            There you go trying to put me down saying “you need mental help” because i don’t like seeing certain people make whatever kind of porn. This is a space where i can say whatever the fuck I want to say. If you don’t like what i have to say, then you don’t have to say shit about it. What you’re telling me isn’t gonna change my mind. If anything it makes me not like it even more because of people like you. Mind your own business & get your house in order before worrying about anyone else’s

            • logogay

              Don’t worry about it. This guy also insulted me in another topic that if I were a gay porn actor only G4P guys would go to bed with me.
              This guy certainly doesn’t need mental help but rather help with a behavior course!
              He’s definitely straight or queer or bi with a penchant for women. I can’t imagine it being any other way.
              You should switch off or not look at people like him. But that’s just how it is. But keeping your mouth shut doesn’t make it any better. So let’s carry on like this.

    • IDK

      You’re absolutely right on this one: many of these self-id “gay men” on this industry half ass a lot of their scenes with actual men only to go all out on their straight, bi and FtM content.

      I also find Thais to be a little offensive, to be honest.

      • Deepgloat

        I can’t tell if that last sentence was sarcasm or genuine racism.

        • IDK

          Or maybe just my autocorrect going haywire? Is anyone in this post even from Thailand at all? lol

    • spinner_189

      The “doing more” is very intentional. These scenes are specifically sold as “gay” men have sex with vaginas. For all the talk of how this is gay sex or that ftm people are men, the producers of this content are explicitly highlighting that it’s vaginal sex. Believe me that the focus on the male partner eating and playing with the vagina is very intentional. Off screen I guarantee you a director is telling Star to really go ham on it.

      I don’t give a flying f*ck what these people say, their action speak louder than words and they know dang well they’re presenting something other than gay porn.

  4. Alex W

    I’m not that old, but does anyone else remember all of this trans stuff back in the day? Sure there were trans individuals, but did you see authentically gay men dating and fucking them? This must be some mental endurance test that we’re being subjected to. How many more vaginas must we see before we crack? Is that the goal? If I hear one more “gay” man make excuses or try and justify this inverted twisting of our reality, I’m about to bitchslap a mofo.

    • IDK

      In real life, most gay men don’t want to even get near a FtM sexually.

      If this wasn’t the case, then said FtMs wouldn’t spend so many hours of the day coping and seething in their little internet hugboxes about how evil gay men who are evil don’t want to date when because they’re obsessed with dicks.

      The thing is: no one should use the sexual habits of pornstars as a measurement of overall human sexuality.

      For the average pornstar, who they fuck or don’t fuck is a matter of personal standards (which many of them lack) and business, nothing more.

      Case in point: there are many cases of male straight pornstars doing MtF and gay scenes in their later years. Why do you thing is that? Are their reslly into it or just trying to squeeze a little bit of relevancy before fading into obscurity? The answer is obvious.

      Many self-id “gay” pornstars are doing FtMs scenes for social media asspats and attention within big studios, nothing more.

      I don’t doubt for a second these same quacks who are doing and promoting these scenes will do a 180° once the winds on this specific issue start blowing the other way. Just you wait for the sob stories about how they were “forced” to fuck FtMs and how traumatic it was or something.

      Just you wait.

      • Alex W

        Yeah. I agree for the most part, but I am seeing this expand outside the porn realm. There’s a new social wave of individuals that are promoting “gay” men having relations with trans individuals and redefining the terms. I see it. I know people personally that still talk and act this way and they are anything but porn stars. I’ve even been condemned by others for expressing my aversion to the very thought of having sex with anyone with a vagina. A lot of gay men are kowtowing to this movement because we know what bigotry is like and that’s the last thing we want to be. Bigots. The only thing is, that couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s time more gay men start realizing that.

        • IDK

          The key word here is “social media”.

          The terminally online social media dweller is no different from the attention who’re pornstar, and by that I mean, they both crave for asspats and attention.

          These poor fools condemn you because they want to be validated by their social media peers, who buy (or pretend to buy) the bullshit they spew.

          I said it once and I’ll say it again: once the public opinion on this subject flips, their public positions will also do the same, because they have no conviction on what they believe. They only know to play parrot on what other social media personalities say they should say, nothing more.

  5. FieldMedic

    I really hope that all of you transphobes burn in hell. That would make my day.

    • IDK

      Oh, please!

      Now go on and preach about the wonders of vagina to us and how PiV sex is totes gay because “male brains” and stuff

      I’m really on the mood for some self-righteous lectures today!

    • hiro_shi

      “Asher James is a woman and Jordan Starr is a bisexual man. That is a straight sex not a gay sex”.

      I could chant this forever for you though. Lol

    • bottomboyfrombrazil

      For someone who is supposed to have a progessive mindset, you sound an awful lot like an ultra-conservative, right-winged fanatic.
      Also, heaven and hell is a very binary concept. Aren’t y’all supposed to be non-binary or whatever? Clearly you’re not doing a very good job.

    • logogay

      It’s always interesting to see that many people immediately tell gays “transphobic,” “biphobic,” or “vaginaphobic” (I hope that’s mostly coming from non-gay people), and but even critics who are predominantly gay whish them to hell, or just become more insulting or hateful towards gays. Confirms my theory again.

    • jktooo

      having a “phobia” means you’re scared of something. We arent “scared” of trans. We can just see it for what it is: in most people its a mental disorder sames anorexia or bulemia. JACKASS. Understand that. We don’t reaffirm people w eating disorders by telling them “yeah, you’re fat, better go throw up or eat less”. Stop pedaling your BS dummy

    • Touch Grass

      FieldMedic, you’re bisexual. Stop telling gay men straight sex is gay sex.

    • NovaStar

      If anyone is gonna burn in hell first it’s you.

  6. Jktooo

    Yeah u dont like TRUTH. I cant help u

  7. Touch Grass

    It’s a creepy straight girl in gay face.

    The LGBTQ movement requires all members to be some shade of bisexual or you’re deemed ‘problematic’. The word ‘gay’ is being deliberately hollowed out by activists to basically mean ‘gay-leaning bisexual’.

    They’re driving a permanent wedge in the community and are too stupid to see it.

  8. 1stPrideWasARiot

    Just dropping by specifically to say that transphobes can go to hell. No, I don’t want to read your multi-paragraph long victim-complex fanfiction about how trans allies are somehow forcing you to like vagina. Save yourself the energy in the replies.

    • IDK

      The seething on this one is quite delicious!

      Oh please!

      Have you ever gone to any FtM hugbox in your life? I don’t believe so!

      A little spoiler: a main topic of discussion in such places is how gay men are how evil for liking dick and the necessity of “deconstructing” our transphobic “genital fetishism”.

      It’s literally everywhere.

      Also, I believe that any energy spent laughing at people like you is a good investment.

    • Touch Grass

      Oh look, it’s Fieldmedic under a different name.

      Bisexual creep.

  9. Cherrystick

    I don’t have to fuck you to be your ally or respect you just as a human or a person. I also don’t have to cave into your beliefs in order to satisfy you and loo progressive or relevant. On the flip side, I’ll be damned if I allow you to call me any sort of phobic or criticize me for being a gay/homosexual man simply because I like the same sex and penis.

    This is what I’ve noticed with the trans community. It’s fine and dandy until I tell you I’m not interested in you and that I’m attracted to penis. I’m gay for goodness fucking sake. I’m not bi and I’m not into vaginas. Doesn’t mean you’re not a nice person and don’t deserve respect as a human but you better respect me in return. The trans community will in some cases literally will scream and you and berate you if you say NO. You’re called a penis fetishist. You’re called small minded. You’re called a POS or even told to die in-some cases. It’s like damn hoe are you really that distraught cause I said no??!?

    As for these “gay” men who are steadily sleeping with trans models, you know exactly what you’re doing. First off, you’re not engaging in gay sex. We know that gay is homosexuality. Homosexuality is sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. That is clear as day. We know from day one that there’s two genders and it’s defines by our sexual organs. This is something that can’t be denied. Science can’t be changed just to fit form.

    It doesn’t matter how the individual is presenting themselves the fact of the matter is that your sexuality is defined by the sex you engaged in thus based off of what the fuck your licking and penetrating. This has been and will always be the case. Jordan is engaging in str8 sex in this moment. Now if that’s what he wants to do then go off Jordan. Stick that kitty and have fun sir. Explore your bisexuality but don’t tell me that what I’m seeing you do is gay cause bro it’s far from that for sure. For the ones who enjoy seeing him do so, enjoy it too but if I say no thanks, don’t come for me and don’t tell me I’m scared of what I’ve never done because I’m certain I don’t want to partake.

    • logogay

      Yes, exactly. I’ve been thinking about dicks for as long as I can remember. I have identified as gay for as long as I can remember. I have never attempted to sleep with a woman or vagina because I have never desired it or never will. I have never found gay sex or my gay life in general to be boring and monotonous, the way that says Derek Kage tells his queer fans in his arias, for example, to use it as an excuse to call themselves gay but continue to eat pussy and fuck them! Am I ready to go to hell because of this? No absolutely NO! Who is inhumane here are these Queer/BI/Straight/Pan/Fluid activists who want to make us know that it is important in life to like pussy and to try it. As soon as you say even a negative tone about it, you are already excluded from the LGBT and so on community. It’s no longer an LGBT community, just a QTPGFS community!

    • NovaStar

      Cherrystick you said that better than I ever could. You summed it all up perfectly.

      Mic Drop several times over!

  10. spinner_189

    I really don’t care that these guys fuck ftm costars. There’s a market for it so have at it. Plenty of straight guys do g4p so if a gay guy wants to do ftm porn for the money then go off.

    What I hate is how this is being sold as gay porn and the gay porn stars aren’t being honest about their intentions. These guys who fuck ftm costars are doing it for money. In their real life I’d wager they wouldn’t even consider having sex with a trans guy or they’d have to be desperate and fantasize the whole time.

    Like just be honest and admit that you’re doing it for money. Straight guys are honest all the time that they only do g4p scenes for the money and aren’t really into guys.

    Let’s be real that if str8 porn paid as much as gay porn we’d see a lot of gay stars take viagra and got straight for pay. Because to porn stars a scene is a scene and sex is just money.

    Just wish they’d be honest instead of driving this narrative that gay men can be sexually into women.
    I mean in this scene Star is essentially having sex with a flat chested woman. Yes they’re a trans man but physically they are not very different than many women who just never develop boobs. The idea that all gay men need is a gf or wife that has a flat chest and cuts their hair short to flip the coin is disgustingly homophobic.

    • Alex

      Money combined with virtue signalling. These hoes are terrified they’ll get their prolapsed asses criticized from activists and porn obsessed weirdos if they don’t adhere to their beliefs.

  11. Richie

    “Gay and trans”? No, this is straight sex and it’s actually quite common.

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