8 thoughts on “Acrobatics: Diego Sans at Naked Sword

  1. Anyone who is flexible and athletic can break down a lot of calories during sex. I always did. A good healthy sex life is worth something too.

  2. Thank you for reminding me that messy hoe Wesley Woods… and in consequence reminding me Donte Thick on phoenix forum lol.

  3. All of these positions, which aren’t sexy and certainly don’t look pleasurable and all to disguise the fact that Diego won’t bottom anymore.

    It’s not even slight of hand anymore, it’s blatantly obvious.

  4. Bending it like Beckham I see. Tricks and flips for masquerading mediocrity. Diego is the king of this for sure.

    On another note, Devin looks fucking terrible. Things going downhill since his little fun in the sun since what has been released this spring/summer. Losing followers, going on tirades against those who decided they’re no longer fans. This messy queen is behaving and looking messy as hell.

  5. I don’t understand Diego Sans doesn’t bottom? His dick is small and his ass is his best feature. Yet this man doesn’t bottom much.

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