10 thoughts on “First for the year: Paul Wagner as the bottom

  1. Shame on Paul Wagner for working with that human trash can named Malik Delgaty. The other scene he did with MEN looks like shit too but I’m hopeful that the scene from Randy Blue will be the shining star (I hope).


  2. Since it’s mostly MEN scenes, I can’t comment on that as I don’t pay and subscribe to this G4P trash studio with its queer agenda.
    Except that Paul Wagner should be ashamed of shooting scenes for money for such a homophobic studio.

    1. Just watched it, amazing because he takes Jake’s load right into his mouth and just keeps eating and swallowing. One of his best lately.

  3. Lure Scott Carter out of retirement to top Paul. Their Men at Play “Silhouette” video—even though this was when MAP was still 100% condom—still ranks imo as one of the all-time hottest videos Paul has ever done. Real men, real passion, scorching chemistry.

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