1. Touch Grass

    Fisting has never been hot to me. It’s what guys do when they watch too much porn.

    Nothing says ‘I’m hypersexual, but sexually numb’ like a fisting fetish does.

    When you escalate to ‘fisting’, take a break.

    • Bryce

      Sexually numb? What does that even mean?

      • Touch Grass

        Over time, prolonged and excessive stimulation can lead to reduced sensitivity in the brain’s sexual reward center. When dopamine receptors in the brain are overstimulated for extended periods, they down-regulate, resulting in a less responsive reward pathway. As a consequence, more intense stimulation becomes necessary to achieve the same level of response. This is why individuals with porn addictions often gravitate towards more extreme or taboo content; they seek it to attain the desired level of stimulation

        • Bryce

          A thick 8 inch dick has always been vastly more pleasurable for me than a thin 5 inch one. Does that mean I’m a deranged, porn-addicted dopamine addict desperately seeking “excessive stimulation”? My ass likes it what likes.

          I’ve been getting fisted for the last 5 years because it feels good. If you’re a power bottom who’s never encountered a dick that was too big for you, it’s a pretty natural place to go. I still love getting fucked, but getting my hole punched out is absolutely incredible and easily the most pleasurable thing I’ve ever experienced. Getting fucked after is amazing.

          Why talk shit about something you don’t understand and that doesn’t appeal to you? I don’t get bondage, leather, or pup play–I’d never watch a porn scene based on any of those kinks–but for the people who are into them, whatever. You do you.

          And now I’m thinking of every time I’ve read a comment written by a straight guy on Reddit that assumes anal sex in general is some kind of horribly painful torture deranged gay men are absolutely insane to assent to. Pure unadulterated ignorance.

          • asis

            you may need a bad or operation in the future.

          • Touch Grass

            I was just stating what I think. I’m not someone who is uncritically ‘sex positive’ and ‘kink positive’ no matter what.

    • Bsg67

      Fisting always seemed to me as you’ve spent way too much time shoving bigger and bigger objects up your ass just to get the same pleasure sensation when you just used a finger which is both sad and gross in the end and definitely gonna lead to issues with the rectum.

      • Bryce

        More like the finger was the 1 level of pleasure that got you hooked on shoving stuff up your ass (because a dick definitely felt way better for me than a couple fingers) and the fist is the 10 that keeps you eagerly coming back. I’m not chasing the same feeling at all. I want to feel the way better ones I discovered.

    • asis

      I dont think too much porn leads to fisting lol. otherwise….

      • Touch Grass

        You’d be surprised what too much porn can do. Research it.

        • asis

          I dont need to research anything ive been watching porn almost every day for 20 years

          • Touch Grass

            If that’s too true, it’s probably had an impact and you’re oblivious to it.

  2. cutlass

    He was Mason at Chaosmen. https://www.chaosmen.com/en/pornstar/view/Mason/93379

  3. logogay

    Fisting is not my thing. It’s a fetish and part of the gay scene. It has always been like this. What I find so striking is that there is currently a lot of fetish porn with fisting or based on bondage. Kinky seems to be more popular in porn. In addition, it is usually the actors who are the least gay (apart from Christian Wilde) who film or direct these things. Even women take them. Such obnoxious straight dudes like Brock Kniles stuff countless things up their butts and then think they have a free pass to be credible in the gay community and be celebrated as gay. Are they kidding me? Are they serious when they say that. These G4P actors still piss me off. I don’t need her in gay porn. Not even in fetish porn.

    • IDK

      The relative “abundance” of fetish porn is due to the fact the ones who are into it are generally more willing to pay than the average porn consumer.

      Even so, this kind of content is still niche, as the average porn consumer is way more likely to be into standard hardcore content than insert niche fetish here content.

      • logogay

        And it’s easier for G4P or bi actors to make films like this because they don’t have to get hard and gay men are less likely to do such things. It is the perfect excuse for such actors to collect bonus points with gays and to appear more credible. Imagine if Brock Kniles or these other fetish actors (except, I must repeat, Christian Wilde) made a romantic, intense, chemistry-related gay porn that was all about “pure” gay sex. Absolutely unimaginable.

        • Supermassive

          I don’t think gay-for-pay exists when most of these actors can cum without edits and shot loads more powerful than in straight porn.

          I am pretty sure if you were gay porn actor yourself there would be many “gay-for-pay” guys in your bed.

          • logogay

            And if you became a gay porn actor (I don’t even think you’re gay otherwise you wouldn’t write so offensively) not a single man would even go to bed with you to have sex!
            G4P has been around for years. In the 80s, 90s or later 2000s there were always performers who admitted to only sleeping with men for money. In addition, they always use stimulation medications and means to get hard or cum.
            Talk to Malik Delgaty who openly admits to being G4P or other G4P models at MEN. Or why they produce fake cum shot?
            Or currently with Reese Rideout. He even gives tips on how to become a G4P actor in gay porn like him.
            Maybe something will happen with you and the gay industry!

            • asis

              I dont think logogay is gay. perhaps you need a more fulfulling life outsideporn

      • asis

        I cant imagine how much money id need to agree to fisting.

    • asis

      did brock kniles ever ask to be celebrated in the “gay community?” if you dont think someone is gay, and id non gay people are going to ruin your life, move on and dont watch. the world doesnt revolve around you, karen.

  4. Cherrystick

    Brock is just like his fishing buddy Dominic Pacifico, cringy and meh! He can plow anything he wants into that average ass of his and he still will be just meh.

    • asis

      brock kniles is hot as hell… to each their own. Thats why im shocked he is ina fisting scene. I thought he was more on the bi to g4p spectrum

  5. Magnus

    Fisting is for used-up gays who have done every circuit party, done every sex act a thousand times, done every drug, covered their bodies in ink, and are generally bored with actual sex. This is so not sexy.

  6. Bsg67

    I don’t get it if I want to put a fist up an ass for money I’d join the Muppets

  7. Bruiser

    Recall when Brock Niles started ten years ago as a Bi all American college boy Mason on Chaos Men. How times change.

    • asis

      ive been trying to find his videos on chaosmen 🙁

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