October 13, 2024: First episode of Sodomy Squad

If you are tired of watching human beings have sex, Sodomy Squad will soon be launched by the ASG Max network. It’s gay sex between heroes and villains in animation.

The civilian will bottom for Alpha in the first episode of Sodomy Squad.


  1. Jessie

    This reminds me of the old animan porn cartoons you can still find online.

  2. logogay

    ASG Max is also supposed to release the following fetish porn, which I read in another blog: “Free Use,” the fetish / porn fantasy where people have sex anywhere at anytime, has been around in straight porn for years now. You see people fucking while talking or doing household chores. Obviously it’s not a fantasy for everyone but now that more and more PEOPLE (not Gays) are into it, ASG MAX now has a gay porn version. The first scene of the ‘ASG Free Use’ is here. It’s a threesome where everyone gets fucked. Gay porn stars Ryder Owens, Masyn Thorne, and Liam Hunt take turns bottoming for each other while having casual conversation.”
    Isn’t it enough that we already see women, vaginas, Femboys and offensive comedy scenes related to gay sexuality and gay scenes from these hetero and queer-led organizations? Now things like that are coming too. It’s as I’ve suspected for a long time. This Anti gay people want to destroy gay porn from the inside out. They buy up studios or names and publish absolute bullshit so that gays will cancel Abbonamonts or not want to watch gay porn anymore. There is a strategy behind it. It gets worse from month to month with their absurdities Ideas Really sad what gay porn has become.

    • Mark B

      So it sounds like three gay porn actors are together in one scene and everyone bottoms. I haven’t seen the video, but it sounds like it could be hot. But you object because it’s called Free Use porn and that started in straight porn?

      • logogay

        No, I protest against this type of PORN because they talk stupid, unbelievable stuff all the time during SEX and I don’t need that during SEX.
        Do you understand this in your little straight brain?

        • Mark B

          LOL. ad hominem attacks are never a sign of a serious argument.

  3. Andy

    At least that better… Me, I don’t like ‘clay’ kinda animation…

  4. NovaStar

    And the sex will probably be a hideous animated as it is with human beings. More wasted resources and another missed opportunity to make gay porn better.

  5. Hazim

    I rather watch hyungry animated

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