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10 thoughts on “Flip-fuck with the lovers: Alex Ink and Lobo Carreira

  1. Absolutely wrong site for gays or actors who are gay.
    MEN/MG now takes those for “gay” scenes, and “G4P” actors who are nothing more than living dildos (if they get hard at all) and don’t have to do anything else with men (kissing, touching, caressing, sucking, rimming, etc.), totally emotionless and able to fuck vaginas for her remaining “scenes”.
    So that they can show customers and fans how they “differentiate”! LOL

    1. Unfortunately, most of studios is using that formula, even Kristen Bjorn, that used to be based in “exploring the body”, now have more “sex only” scenes than anything. But still is my favorite studio…

  2. I wish this wasn’t gonna be on MEN cause that site has a knack for destroying flip flop scenes. I’ll be cautiously optimistic but I’m ready to be disappointed.

  3. Both guys are very hot. I’m particularly into Alex, he’s fucking beautiful. Both guys are obviously very into each other. A flip should be really fun to watch.

  4. CLONES in love. Men are a weird species. It screams “Narcissism” when your BF looks just like you. And some one tell me that gigantic black inkblot is just a tattoo gone wrong or was he born with a birthmark and this is the way he tried to cover it? Because that is just literally a black ink blob.

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