19 thoughts on “To be removed: Gay Hoopla “Rare videos disappearing soon.”

  1. Wouldn’t it be a blessing if this site disappeared altogether? Not just the rare scenes, but all their sites, all of the owners, directors, producers… It’d be great for gay porn and for gay people in general, to finally get rid of these homophobic leechers.

  2. GayHoopla? They’re still around? Didn’t they get out of the gay porn biz? So part of their de-gayification is to make their “rare” videos disappear? What does that even mean? Are they going to delete them, put them in a time capsule or what?

    1. The owners, the production team, the directors and the actors are sticking it up their homophobic a….. and v…..
      Where they belong and no one misses them anymore. They were absolute crap in terms of quality anyway.

  3. I wish they would generally delete this β€œpage” forever. Never had anything really to do with “gay” tu. Never had and never deserved this title. Deep down, I don’t care what they will do in the future…..

  4. They’ve stopped making new stuff on GH and are sticking to the same handful of models over on HGF/BGF.

    Remember all the talk about trying out new models? They’ve had more than 1,000 submissions but haven’t given any of them a chance to film a scene.

    And now, they’re talking about removing content…guess they’ve reached their Sean Cody phase…AKA the beginning of the end…they’ll probably be selling to MindGeek or some other shitty studio soon.

    1. But it has to be a studio/company that is just as homophobic in its inner attitude and has developed/has just as much pussy and absurdly straight concept as they themselves were.
      The studio you mentioned would fit. They have more G4P actors there and film offensive anti-gay comedy/fantasy scenarios with vaginas.
      And of course it has to have a suitable clientele/customers with this attitude, who are just like this content!

  5. GayHoopla is doing everything in its power to not be β€œgay” and it’s time for this site to die already. It’s already a shell of its old self, it just needs the final nail in the coffin.

  6. Last summer 2023 I bought my first ever GH account, mainly to download lots of the old content that could be pretty good (especially Jayden Marcos). They weren’t marketing the “about to disappear” angle then. I think they’re bluffing — if they do pull the old content there’s nothing left. They have a pretty strict download limit but it’s not in the terms — you just hit the wall at some point and are shut out for a while. I often had connection problems, too, with scenes not loading.

  7. Been a subscriber for years, but they finally have really hit rock bottom, no new talent, recycled scenes with camera angles. Obviously they don’t care about their subscriber base, I’ve been waiting to see if there is any improvement, but even I’m nearing the end of my patience.

    1. Save your $. Unsub. American porn is going downhill now that they got OnlyFans and JustForFans. They make loads more money, are are in control of their editing, get to choose who they want to work with and for those who want to be sex workers but don’t want to get caught up in contracts, drama, drugs, criminal doings, The gay party scene, Twatter/X beef, and a safe space if they are nervous its a better choice.I’ve noticed how horrible the big name studios have become.Always the same guys over used. Fucking “acting” (Just shut up and fuck) using fake cum, shooting poison into their dicks to stay hard. That kills all the fantasy.

      1. Some people like studio porn, some like fansite porn, some like both. One is not better than the other, they’re just different.

  8. Only thing that’s rare is the people who gave a damn about this website. Even before they washed out all gay sex.

  9. They’ll be milking that dead site to it’s last drop. And soon their “glorified” straight site will share the same fate.

  10. Too bad James Manziel never made the move to a “real” studio, guy had a great time cumming riding dicks of all sizes, could have been glorious to see him getting smashed somewhere else.

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