8 thoughts on “Back in action: Ashton Summers and Robert Law

  1. When former “stars” sink low. Let’s just go to MEN/MG, collect the paycheck, no longer have to make a qualitative effort when it comes to gay sex, star in crude fantasy/comedy scenes and can even show that they can fuck vaginas. This is the premise of many of the actors who sign with them. Bad mass instead of class!
    Or why does Ashton have to squeeze his cock like that in that one picture when Dom has it in his mouth? Is there rimming in the scene? Do cocks even stay hard? Who knows????

    1. Everyone is G4P according to you… even the gayest flaming queens.
      Derek Kage is G4P Ashton Summers is G4P Joey Mills is G4P.
      I remind that “G4P” implies 100%/Kinsey 0 guy who completly turned off/disgusted by men and have literally 0 enjoyment out of gay sex who only do it because he is really desperate.

      By that definition majority of guys in gay porn were/are not g4p.

      1. That’s exactly the case! G4P men detest gay sex even though they need the money and reject sex work with men. The men who offer themselves as escorts online or on the street also do this. Just like the women too. Anyone who doesn’t want that rejects it. But they STILL DO it!
        They keep spinning G4P!
        By the way, I never said Joey was G4P. He is a little drama queen who sometimes talks trash in the media. Keep spreading your theory, as long as you believe in it…

    1. I’m really pleased to see Ashton again. Such a gorgeous, exotic face. Loved him during his dancer/twink days and really love his [somewhat] beefier look lately.

  2. I Agree… I always thought Ashton was HOT. But, now the slightly older Ashton with the stubble, Even Better. I hope he stays around a bit longer.

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