14 thoughts on “Then and now: Jack Keany, William Seed, and Austin Sugar

    1. Except when he bottomed for Diego Sans and came while riding the dick, and his eyes went to the back of his head…now that was some scene.

  1. I prefer not to say anything about English Lads. But at least they are honest and if the Straight’s do G4P, then that’s it!
    Austin Sugar is sweet. I like his mustache.
    William Seed is the biggest disappointment this year! I was hoping that when he returned to the gay porn industry he would choose other studios and make better videos, like he did back in some cases on OF. Instead he goes back to MEN/MG and only fucks vaginas and trans people. And when he does something “gay” it’s even worse than before. I think they eliminated him from Men after they established Malik as the “new” G4P Porn Star and William broke up with them in a bad way. Something went wrong back then. They don’t talk about it (which they never do) and he now only gets inferior offers from them! It’s a fact!

    1. William Seed doesn’t seem very straight; has a record of hooking up with other gay pornstars and has to fake cumshot when he is fucking female in his bi scenes.

      You just treat those guys from MEN etc. like enemies to the “gay community” so you don’t want to accept most of them are bisexual because otherwise they would be a part of LGBT.
      Let me tell you something- majority of bi guys don’t view themselves as part of “community” or as queer/other. They just view themselves as straight guys with an extra gay side. They don’t care about fighting for equality- they might go to pride parade or gay club with their gf but thats all.

      1. As long as you just talk things up and spread your queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid theories into the world and promote that vaginas and women should exist in gay porn, then that’s good for you or your like-minded people. Shows who you are again. Or not.
        In any case, I’m gay and it stays that way.

  2. I like “the look” of William Seed, always have. BUT – Bad performer, very boring.
    Austin Sugar – I saw a few of his scenes and he always is into the kissing, sucking, fucking, getting fucked…everything. The guy is really into gay sex and men and it shows. Happy to watch more from him.
    I don’t know who Beau Butler is ? But, that pic of him in those tight “whore jean shorts” has caught my interest. Looking very 1990, love to see what he can do.

    1. The guy in the jean shorts is Austin Sugar, from a film NakedSword. X. BeauButler, Sir Peter and Austin Sugar. The grouping of 6 pics says Austin Sugar from Lucas, Falcon and this month at Nakedsword.

  3. Austin Sugar sure is a Sweet looking man. Sexy and great performer.

    William Seed is part of the dilemma where guys like him and Ryan Bones and Markus Kage that actually are pretty good performers on their OF pages, but are marketed as straight, even though William has from the start identified as bisexual. He’s viewed as trade and that’s how Men markets him even though he seems to genuinely enjoy men sexually. That’s a reflection of the studios and that extends into the discussions we see on this site all the time. The studios promote that man crush hyper masculine straight guy fantasy that’s pretty toxic to the point we’ve seen men who identify as gay in real life marketed as straight on various sites.

    I blame gay/bi men too for it because so many lust over straight bait and put straight men on a pedestal. It’s a problem with the consumers, especially older men.

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