18 thoughts on “Will update soon: Bromo

  1. Catastrophe! Revival of another MG site that was already redundant. Instead of producing better quality “GAY” porn, they are reactivating sites with and for G4P actors that produce inferior porn. Actors like Bo, Malik, that Masked Twink Fucker from MEN, Markus, Kenzo, Cuck, William and many other G4P actors will definitely come back and do the same crap again. Will they let women perform???
    And obsessive “open-minded/tolerant” gays will love and subscribe to this site! LOL
    It was the same with sites like RB. Went wrong. Will happen to them too…

      1. The others are too. They are all G4P and only do this for money. They don’t suck, they don’t rim, they don’t French kiss (no kissing at all), and they don’t interact properly with men at all (zero passion/chemistry). Bo isn’t ugly, he is just a different type of man, for a different Taste.

        1. No you are wrong as always
          Most of them are bi and they enjoy sex with guys and hookup with some as was confirmed in the case of Wiliam Seed and Markus. You only want them to be straight to have a target to whine about nonexistent problems.

        1. I appreciate people with a talent for writing. By the way, I love novels. If someone said I wrote a novel, I would consider it a compliment. It means I have creativity and imagination.

  2. This shouldn’t be a surprise. You know just like herpes, icky ass porn sites have a tendency to come and go.

  3. There’s a valid reason why Bromo hasn’t posted anything new in a year..

    All their bi Montreal construction worker models had to go back to work 🤣

  4. Small minded morons (aka logo) have ZERO ability to be truly clever cause after all theyre small and closed minded idiots.

    1. Maybe I’m a small minded moron, but you prove once again what YOU are with this post.
      Namely, an inhumane, insulting individual who doesn’t even have enough strength to confront a person directly. You’re pathetic. Like all of your comments that people have to endure every time on this blog!

      1. Ur so insignificant ive had so many leftist lunatics attack the truths i bring ur just one of them. I dont keep track of the names of u morons. Tell me which post by MOP posted that triggered ur dumminess. Ur actually quoting my “open minded” comment is the only reason i responded cuz i figured a leftist lunatic was reacting to my comment.

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