9 thoughts on “Bigger and with more tattoos: Thomas Danielli

  1. “Bisexual” “Bi-curious” “straight but like dick in his hole” can Belami hire at least 5 gay men? Everyone is either bi,pan, mostly straight or fully G4P which is the worst since they don’t enjoy sex with men.
    Its not like gay men are too ugly or effeminate to be in gay porn? You really think there is no gay version of Malik Delgaty or some other hot straight/bi dudes?

    1. What it matters is hotness and performance after all. Maybe finding out drop dead gorgeous gay boys is hard to find.

  2. Apparently everyone in Europe easily identifies as bisexual, I know thousands of them on online forums and apps who respond when asked about their sexual orientation: I’m bi. In the USA, they say: I’m straight but for a good amount of money ‘we can do something together’ even if sex with men is not my option. In other words, in the USA there aren’t that many bi, but money is the rule to make straight men there change their mind and open up, even if it’s a ‘small’ exception.

  3. In Europe they have far less prudish mentality and don’t care about labels. Even if they enjoy sex with men and either hookup with them or introduce other guy to play with him and his girlfriend they still view themselves as “straight” because there are not going to date or marry a man or do anything together. “Guys are only for fun, to spice thing up,because they give great blowjobs and I can do many thing with them that my gf would never”.

    I mean such behavior is common among most of modern apes like Bonobo so I dont see why human should be that different.

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