X: Ricky Larkin “I lose followers every day bc of my political views, and I don’t care.”

29 thoughts on “X: Ricky Larkin “I lose followers every day bc of my political views, and I don’t care.”

  1. Hey @pornbodyog can you let us know what drugs Roman Todd CAME TO YOU to buy? I’d really like to know what he thought he was buying. He has never answered that. The fact that he white trashed drugs in a public bathroom doesn’t give me any confidence that he’s telling the truth. And the fact that you get blamed on social media by a bunch of other porn whores and their fans disgusts me. He did not take any responsibility for his actions and that tells me a lot.

    1. ” And the fact that you get blamed on social media by a bunch of other porn whores and their fans disgusts me. He did not take any responsibility for his actions and that tells me a lot.”

      Errr…duh? Ricky Larkin was the worthless drug dealer here, who tried to deflect back on Roman Todd for buying (or how he tried to characterize -before deleted- “giving”) drugs. And Western society has always been (far) more critical of the dealer rather than the user. And bluntly – in this circumstance, it is fully justified.

      Larkin wouldn’t answer this question because that would be admitting – openly – that he did sell them. That’s incrimination, and well…could get him in jail (and it wouldn’t be his first…or fourth…time).

      And it’s clear – to some extent- Todd got gray-listed. And yeah, Larkin got severely blacklisted. That is what happens in a county with free speech – freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequence. And those consequences got doled out after both spoke about it, and Larkin got the short end of the stick. Won’t be the last time in his life, I’m sure of that.

      1. “Freedom of expression does not mean freedom from consequences”!
        A good sentence. Only here in this or other gayporn blogs?
        Maybe you are new here or don’t regularly read the comments here for every report that is published. It’s just full of internalized racist, homophobic and offensive comments towards gays and gay culture!
        If you speak out for gay porn for gays and against this discrimination in gay porn by studios and performers, you are enemy number 1 and will be disliked or attacked by these queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people here. It’s always the same people. Watch it and learn it.
        As long as this is accepted and trivialized under the banner of freedom of expression, nothing will ever change in gay porn or gay culture.
        Sometimes the worst people are right in the heart of the gays…

  2. A website forcing a gay man to fuck women like the Greyson/CF situation is honestly grotesque and would never happen in straight porn. We all know that. That’s part of the problem that gets talked about on here all the time on this website. It gets really repetitive, but I definitely understand the complaints.

    Same with what Clark said about gay baiters and these straight/straight-ish guys, like Peachy whatever on twitter, and Nath Wyld. Either fuck a guy or get out of the game. I’m cool with guys pushing boundaries and curious guys kinda moving forward on a sexual progression journey, kinda like Andy Lee or something, or in studio porn, like a few guys have, Roman Todd an example, I don’t have an issue with him, he’s good at what he does and enjoys it and has grown into really having fun and performing well at having sex with men. I don’t have an issue with that, but a lot of the Canadian/UK crowd in particular aren’t guys who are ever gonna progress. Conrad, Delgaty, to name a few. They can’t fuck, they clearly hate what they’re doing. John Bronco is another…bottoms cause he can’t stay hard. He’s awful to watch.

    It’s not good to watch and it’s an insult. It’s not something straight porn accepts. I blame gay/bi men for a lot of this honestly because they fall in love with the whole idea of flipping a straight man, fetishize straight men, and idealize hyper masculinity.

    Which of course brings me to Ricky Larkin who is basically in the same vein as a straight-ish guy who doesn’t have a career at this point, popular only for being controversial on social media and past quasi-glory…you know what they say about dogs attracting fleas. Expect nothing less from that scumbag.

    These dudes don’t belong and we have to really do better at setting the standard and kicking these clowns out the door and cleaning things up in this industry and as a culture in general.

    1. Regarding the Grayson / Corbin Fisher situation, let’s all remember Corbin Fisher proudly states on their social media that they are a ‘gay-owned’ and ‘gay-operated studio’. If their gay-operated shenanigans is to release bi and straight scenes and get their gay models to fuck women, I can only imagine what they would be like if they were not so proudly owned by a gay man. But anyway, I couldn’t agree with your post any more, you were spot on in all your observations.

      1. Thank you so much and I look at Michael Lucas as an example that gay men in gay porn can be just as awful and sometimes even as bad as anyone. The industry is inherently exploitative, guys sign contracts and get locked into situations often at young ages and without much in the way of guidance, and then you add on the fact that the marketplace is full of gay and bisexual men who frankly have pretty toxic views/are self-loathing….companies are looking to make a buck even if they’re promoting harmful messages.

        Some think gay men in the industry is a panacea. That is far from the case. The problem is the industry itself and culture surrounding it and driving decisions.

  3. Greyson Lane has spent soooooo many years even when he was first doing porn, slagging off the entire culture and people within it. He’s always had that I’m so above it all, I’m not one of those kinda gays, attitude. He’s got major dudebro energy now too which throws me a ton, but I know people are into that. I find him pretty off putting and don’t find him super hot either but he isn’t a bad performer and that’s of course pretty important. Wonder how this comeback with he kinda as an aggressive top goes.

    I don’t care what Andre Stone identifies as at all. He’s handsome and he’s a good performer which is what matters and ultimately it isn’t our issue, he’s not saying he’s queer or bi or anything. I do think, however, that this entire movement to expand heterosexuality and homosexuality to fit in guys like Andre Stone is something that has clearly and will continue to cause tension. It’s almost like hetero/homosexuality, monosexuality, exclusive hetero/homosexuality, is treated as passe. Is treated as almost somewhat regressive.

    Not that it’s his fault but when straight people claim (falsely really) that they’re having homosexuality forced upon them…they can point to things like this or the idea they’re bigots if they don’t wanna hook up with a nonbinary/trans person who doesn’t fit their gender presentation. There are so many labels out there and so much more understanding of diversity in sexual expression, so I don’t necessarily understand why you’d feel the need to twist yourself in a pretzel this way or campaign to “evolve people’s thinking” on sexuality…part of that evolution that has been made is that you don’t have to fit into a “straight” box to the point you’re calling yourself the new straight. At the end of the day, these terms do have meaning and it does feel like they’re being intentionally challenged, and I can understand why there’s pushback.

    Like I said, don’t care how he identifies but the overall movement that kinda exists here is definitely a little…I’m not a fan. It is less progressive than many of these folks seem to think it is.

  4. Everything Sean Zevran said is right about being an “internal personality” in 2023. I don’t do anything beyond a burner on social media for a lot of the reasons he gave. You’re giving up privacy, you almost inevitably have the line between the porn you/internet you and real you be blurred.

    Guys in the past, not even that long ago past, could do porn and still mostly go unrecognized in everyday life on the street but that is not the case anymore. Instead of being responsible to a studio with a set work schedule, you’re responsible to the fans and they can and often are demanding and as Sean said…if you don’t engage with consistency and don’t pull the right strings as we all know we’re living in a day and time where people are pretty quick to get offended by things and any misstep can mark you in ways it’s not easy to erase…then you’ve somewhat sold your soul to randos online. It’s quick money, but it’s not easy money (the disease threat is real, that’s a big difference and drawback from studio porn with strict and clear guidelines and onlyfans which more or less runs on trusting partners without much in the way of an accountability system) and it’s all very volatile and you’re responsible really to people who you’ve never met and never will meet.

    I could never do it. It’s really hard to get out of the influencer/personality/etc. vortex once you jump in. The internet is forever. Most don’t make a lot of money. You also dedicated years of your life to something that ultimately could be fleeting and draining while not setting yourself up on a path for success. You exit…what do you next? Which is why in porn, so many guys especially in gay porn never leave or leave and come back. It’s easier in straight porn, especially the male actors….there’s a ton of churn. Mostly because they’re mostly filler in the eyes of the audience. In gay porn…not so easy to do that.

    1. Meant to say “internet personality” of course. Not all it’s cracked up to be. Many of the original influencers have gone on to transition into real careers. Others have become reality tvers and basically doing the same things they were 10 years ago. Once you get in, it is hard to get out—especially gay porn. It’s good to see guys like Sean Zevran, vets, really be honest and give would be/new performers and younger performers a cautionary tale.

  5. Ricky Larkin I hate you for what you did to the Gaporn business and the gay community during the years that you “worked.” But I think his oily attitude and what he says is normal. That’s what it’s like again in America right now and it will get worse and this country will be lost forever. For Gay then too. Forever. That’s pure freedom of expression in a free country! Or not? Isn’t it agitation, spreading fake news of false truths or conspiracy theories? Everyone has their truth or perspective on things, right? Which brings us back to freedom of expression. What a vicious circle!

    Clark Davis you hit the nail on the head. But would I ask or spread that on a lying, inflammatory, radical network like X? No! And I wouldn’t do it here on this blog either. Too many queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid activists!

    Sean Zevran please don’t put porn actors on the same level as influencers who have millions of customers with non-porn content and have become rich because of it. These are two different things. I would be more worried why so many gay porn actors pretend to be gay and only shoot gay porn for studios then for private content like OF and their own sites then suddenly shoot content with women or pussies and then brag about it on X, which is what we are constantly doing here see or hear. But this queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda has already taken over everywhere! Here too. This is more of a reason to worry not that people want to make money.

    Xander please don’t brag about IQ, you’re too smart for this whole porn business and for many here on this blog. This is not good.

    Grayson Cole speaks the truth regarding CF or other “GAY” porn studios. But maybe soon you’ll actually be fucking pussy for her. Many would enjoy this here in this blog and continue to defend you and these studios for what you do.

    Papi is always what I said. A self claimed “bisexual” with an increased attraction to women. The fact that he separates his straight/bi content from the “gay” content is commendable, but he is clearly using gaybaiting for his self-absorbed, narcissistic attitude towards himself because he needs a lot of attention and praise from gays otherwise he would be nothing, if he only had straight or bi content would do. He could also have worked for higher quality gay porn studios for a long time, but he chose the queer studio MEN/MG. Big mistake.

    Everything has already been said about Andre Stone. Many people here supposedly hate you for what you said, but as soon as your scenes (whether with women, trans, men) are published on MEN, they will quickly celebrate you here again. That’s how it always is here on this blog.

    Thank you Denz for this insightful start to the week.

  6. Ricky Larkin: let’s be honest most gay pornstars share your political views

    Clark Davis: 1st who cares 2nd there is entire fucking spectrum between gay and straight. By asking this stupid question “are you gay or g4p?” most bi dudes who prefer women and/or have no romantic attraction/guys only turns them on are forced to say straight because he is closer to str8 than gay. F.U

    Grayson are you closeted bi?

    Another Grayson- tell Justin Matthews to stop being delusional.

    Aspen why you are sharing your private life under your porn name? Do you think your Sister or your brothers would want to be known by the guys who jo to the view of your hole being plowed?

    Papi smack my ass: Daniel Knight is open about him enjoying both dudes and chicks- it seems nice.

    1. I think you are being harsh with Aspen. The guy lost several siblings. He is also young himself I think late 20s. That’s a lot to take. So he uses his porn name let the man grieve.

  7. When you are writing full assed paragraphs on a gay porn site it makes me wonder if you are contributing to society or just a porn addict who likes to stick to their convictions of expressing their opinions on people they do not even know? Yet harass and shame those who do the fucking exact same thing you do but in 2 sentences. Hmmm.

    1. Isn’t “expressing opinions of people you don’t know” just, like, basic gossiping people engage on all the time? I don’t see anything abnormal here.

      By your own standards, whining about people who gossip about pornstar shouldn’t be even more pathetic than the act itself? Or is this some sort of great contribution to society I’m not aware of?

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  9. Ricky Larkin – NO Ricky, its because your ugly and worn out too….
    Sharok – Save that shit for the 60 minutes comment boards. Nobody gives a squirt of piss how a porn star views world affairs.
    Dolf – Just get it over with and eat that blown out asses shit. It be just as revolting.
    Aspen – Uh, I just can’t sorry….

  10. No Ricky, it’s not your political beliefs, it’s because you’re a viscous twat and you obviously do care, otherwise you wouldn’t be making videos about it.

    I’m going to have to hold my hands up and admit that based on his history, my first thought was that Aspen was the one responsible for a missing teen :-/

    Oh and if Presley hasn’t changed, then he really ought to. He’s ranted, raved, gone on the attack, been abusive…there’s a reason he was blacklisted and hopefully still is.

  11. “The country is full of soft cry babies…”

    So he goes onto social media to whine. The irony. Your freedom of speech doesn’t inoculate you from the freedom that other people have to respond. You fucking ignorant MAGA dotard.

  12. Stop promoting asshole Alejo Ospina’s shit. He is an narcissist and selfish and does everything for getting attention. What a nasty man and like him is Daniel Montoya. They are NOT porn actors, they are only opportunists.

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