Then and now: Tryp Bates, Tomas Fuk, and Cole Ryan

Tryp Bates [movies] as Aidan [movies] from 2012 to 2013 at Sean Cody, his scene this week at Kink Men, and his upcoming scene at Raging Stallion

Tomas Fuk [movies] from 2014 to 2019 at William Higgins, as Jody Nicholas in 2022 at Belami Online, and as straight porn star Deny Lou on X

Cole Ryan [movies] in 2006 at Falcon Studios, his return in 2022 via Bait Buddies, and his latest scene released this week at Raging Stallion

6 thoughts on “Then and now: Tryp Bates, Tomas Fuk, and Cole Ryan

  1. I feel like Tomas Fuk, whom I like a lot, is phasing out his gay and bi stuff. He is appearing more and more in Sex Art studio (straight porn) scenes. Its too bad when the euro guys do this. Kristof Calle, Max Dior, Matt Ice and Hugo Antonin have already done this and its disappointing. Wish they would embrace how the late but very great Denis Reed just embraced sex in all forms.

    1. But that’s exactly what he does. He has sex in all forms. With everybody!
      But at the moment he prefers to shoot what is his “true” nature and what he really loves.
      Namely with pussy and women!
      It’s always interesting to read how you try to defend gay porn but at the same time demand more guys who shoot everything and do everything, i.e. a kind of “crossover actor” who is actually straight or bi and only does gay porn for “earnings” and then you complain you that he’s not queer/bi/straight/fluid/pan or whatever enough? That makes total sense!
      Because THAT and an ATTITUDE like THAT destroys gay porn and excludes gays in their own territory in the future! The way you say it here! But once again shows what kind of “activist” you are. Perfect for those GAYporn studios that offer pussies and women and reflect the exact opposite of what they should actually shoot. Namely good GAYPORN!

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