10 thoughts on “First time: Ryder Flynn and Dylan Tides

  1. I’m a little confused, you say “Real life lovers Kam Stone and Ryder Owens…,” yet Logan Aarons says, “…My beautiful man @kamstonex…”

    So who’s getting claim to Kam Stone? 🧐

  2. For the actors who identify as gay, these pussy category scenes at Carnal + are a blessing. Just like for the people here on this blog. Celebrate it…

  3. Dylan Tides has already said he wants to fuck a girl on camera despite 100% gay (right), so this isn’t surprising.

    Gay porn has become so toxic.

    1. Just as wrong and lying as the people who comment here on this blog and claim to be 100% gay but demand more queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid in gay porn! In the end, gay porn or “GAYS” only reflects what people want to see and consume. As one actor aptly said: The current gay is the new straight!
      Just like someone complains about it and calls gay porn toxic (which it really is now) but uses the name for hisselves!

  4. I’ve gone back and forth on what I think about Ryder. I think he looks better with his hair down than he does up but obviously in the scenes you want to see his face. With his hair down, he definitely is quite hot. So is Dylan.

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