22 thoughts on “The new straight: Andre Stone “They swore I don’t like guys.”

  1. “The New Straight” feels almost as toxic as some of the new Gay.

    Makes you wonder how deep is the trauma? It must be a lot more than people give credit. (Call yourself whatever you want, I personally don’t care, but calling yourself something like “The New Straight” has the biggest asterisk of either extreme sarcasm, ie “You called me straight, so I guess this must be ‘straight'”, or a sort anti-gay desperation of “I don’t associate myself with the LGBTQ”)

    1. Funny, because most of the “old straights” don’t take shit like this seriously. This is pure, unadulterated virtue signaling for the “queer” crowd.

      Let’s be honest: most straight people just see a man in denial, nothing more.

  2. I understand mostly NOT being sexually attracted to masculinity as I am almost ZERO sexually attracted to felinity. But at the same time i am NOT gonna hook up EVER to anything w a vagina INCLUDING FTN trans OR a butch dyke who walks like a man. I guess the difference between me and Andre is he still has a hole to fuck where as w a butch dyke or FTM trans theres no dick that I want w sex.

    Im also pretty sure he I saw an X (former tweet) of his ridiculing those of us who DO NOT AND WILL NOT accept the belief that trans are FEMALE or ur a bigot. This is BULLSHIT. I hate this mindset.

  3. He may or many not be attracted to men, but using shooting for Men.com as evidence for said attraction is kind of… lol

    As long as he doesn’t pull a Rocco Reed/Collin Simpson/Tommy Defendi and doesn’t try to dramacally backtrack on this later, Ican’t give any less of a shit.

  4. The “new straight” hmmm. Doesn’t matter what you call yourself…. All I get is boring as hell and gimmicky. Next please.

  5. “The New Straight”? Miss me with that bullshit. He can keep on fucking everyone but men with that nonsense. Absolutely disgusting

  6. Finally someone who at least speaks his truth and clarifies the fronts right from the start. Not like the other G4P types at MEN/MG, BN, GH,CF and and…
    Or actors like Derek, Cliff, Pierce, Steve, Malik, Kenzo, Cuck and and…
    I think it’s good when these types of people verbally punch people in the face like they do here in this blog. When I read here again and again about actors like Cliff, Roman or Kenzo recently, how gay they supposedly are and actors are praised to heaven as soon as they shoot for MEN or with Pussy, but you yourself as a gay man reject this and are then downvoted for it, Just because you have the courage to say things like they really are in gay porn, namely homophobic, then such statements from actors are like a celebration for me. This is for all those queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people out here and there who keep trying to socialize gay porn for women, straight people and other individuals. A punch in the face. I hope there are always actors, like in the past and in the future, who bring people like “THEY” back down to earth. Thanks Andre you will have many friends and admirers here on this blog and out there, especially since you work for MEN/MG……

  7. ‘New straight’ , “Attracted to all kinds of femininity’. Honey, all this projection has a name. It’s called being a closet case in deep denial. You’re by no means the first and sadly, by the looks of it, you won’t be the last. Let’s just all call it like it is.

  8. I like it. There’s a burgeoning identity of men who view themselves as “mostly straight” or “straightish.” They may be technically bi or debatably bi, but they want to identify as straight because they are overwhelmingly attracted to women but want to acknowledge to infrequent or situational special circumstances attractions to a subset of males. One such subset is Femboys. Most men atttracted to Femboys and trans women identify as straight. You can quibble with their identity, but that’s not gonna change. Mostly straight men are a thing

    1. Since you also belong to this “new straight” group and the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda, you are in very good hands here in this blog. I hope their get to hear and read more shit from such actors in the future who are currently working in or for gay porn. That’s perfect for people like you.

  9. Guys just ignore this kind of performer. Eventually he will succumb to early retirement when people don’t bother to watch his scenes or talk about him. Remember that straight guy who cross over from straight to gay porn? His nowhere to be seen today.

    1. Either you are naive or deluded. Or just new here in this blog. Most people here (almost all) write how much they hate such statements or these actors, but at the same time they pay these actors or these studios for which they shoot and watch these scenes or like it and give them good reads. Over time you realize the pure hypocrisy here in this blog. And if you speak the truth you will quickly be disliked or considered public enemy number one viewed! So read on and learn…

  10. I don’t care. He’s not identifying as queer/etc. so it’s not our issue as a community and he seems to have fun in his scenes and enjoys what he does and is a solid performer.

    I know sexuality isn’t black and white and I understand that there are shades of grey and respect that completely. He’s cute too but I also think ultimately there are labels that exist for guys that are more fluid in their orientation.

    I do understand why monosexuals (gay/lesbian/straight) folks would care—because it feels like their exclusive monosexuality is being treated as almost passe with an almost intentional effort to broaden the definitions of heterosexuality/homosexuality. I think the best part about the times we live in now is that’s not necessary. There are so many different ways to identify and you don’t have to twist yourself somewhat into a pretzel this way to identify as straight while simultaneously openly being attracted to men.

    I don’t really care. I don’t care how guys like Andre identify. I only care when straight/lesbian/gay people are forced into positions where they’re almost shamed if they don’t unconditionally accept someone identify in this case as “the new straight” while fucking dudes or are shamed if they’re perhaps not attracted to nonbinary/trans persons that don’t fit their gender preferences. Or the whole “everyone is a bit bi” thing. That’s where people get upset and I definitely can understand why.

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