The first scene of The Beach House from Raging Stallion has been released. It had Cole Ryan in a flip-fuck with Drew Valentino.

The other four scenes from The Beach House.

Heath Halo (top) and Nicholas Ryder (12/15/2023)

Tryp Bates (top) and Caden Jackson (12/22/2023)

Beau Butler, Cole Ryan (top), Heath Halo, and Ryder Flynn (bottom) Part One (12/29/2023)

Beau Butler (top/bottom), Cole Ryan (top), Heath Halo (top/bottom) and Ryder Flynn (bottom) Part two (01/05/2024)

12 thoughts on “Movie: The Beach House

  1. The scene that just came out with Cole & Drew was excellent. That’s the type of sex I love to watch where both guys love on each others bodies & they suck & fuck each other silly. The other 3 scenes don’t look as hopeful as this one but i can be wrong & I hope I am but this here is satisfying enough for me right now.

  2. I think everyone is hot and good-looking and as long as they only film gay porn and I don’t hear about their women’s stories, G4P behavior, cross over and other queer crap that they do, I’m fine with anyone who films gay porn. Nowadays you can’t expect more in gay porn anyway (especially when I see the likes and inclinations of people who are here in this blog and “vote”)!

    1. That was totally contradictory. You obviously have an issue. Only 100% gay men can do gay porn but you love everyone who doed it as long as it’s on your terms? Huh?

  3. I swear they are are clones of one another. But then again a lot of gay men want to fuck themselves so that’s why you see so many couples that look alike. It’s weird. But that’s the narcissism that is so rampant. (And can we please get off the beard trend. Blech!

    1. They all look like they haven’t showered in years. It’s their twisted idea of “masculinity”, looking like used toilet paper lmao

  4. Ryder Flynn is absolutely gorgeous. Also beautiful: Heath Halo, Nicholas Ryder, Caden Jackson. Tryp Bates returned with a sculpted body.

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