15 thoughts on “Mid-air fuck: Kosta Viking, Damien Grey, and Icarus

  1. I’m sorry but it needs to be said. I’m so over Roman and Rhyheim. It’s boring now. It’s overusing and overhyping. It’s sparking nothing new. Seeing these two fuck mid air isn’t revolutionary and we’re at the point now where it’s all blending into nothing. Am I the only one who’s feeling this way?!?

  2. Rhyheim Shabazz is overhyped. He is boring as hell. Icarus is gorgeous, but he has a very poor taste about tattoos. Damien Grey is gorgeous and cute.

    1. Shabazz is overexposed, sure. But anyone who can pick up a beast like Paul Wagner and toss him around like a rag doll deserves a little accolade at least!

  3. The hypocrisy of some people here in this blog is once again clear!
    On the one hand, actors who “ONLY” shoot gay porn and present themselves as “GAY” are described as boring and unimaginative, while crossover actors like Roman, who fucks “EVERYTHING” for money, are celebrated!
    This is the sad template for Gayporn 2024!
    From now on only crossover, G4P or bisexual actors for gay porn who insult or humiliate gays in Gayporn. Women and pussies especially!! No more gays for gay porn. That’s the logic of the “agenda people” here and out there…….

    1. There’s literally not a single comment on this page as I write this which is celebrating Roman Todd while criticising any gay performer. As always, just your usual clown shoes, cut and paste paranoid bullshit.

    2. Roman Todd isn’t gay for pay that is ridiculous. Roman is divorcing his wife and going through some shit at the moment. But this man is clearly bisexual and sexually attracted to males. His only fans is almost all gay content. Roman also bottoms frequently raw for other men. He sucks cock too. That isn’t gay for pay man that is bisexual.

  4. The most exciting scenes from Rhyheim – in my opinion – are with the brazilian guys and he clearly loves the country. But I’m bit sad that he only “knows” Rio de Janeiro, there’re a lot of other places with hot and amazing guys here. That’s why the scenes looks like quite repetitive… I really hope Voyr not following the Tim Tales path and I’m counting the days for “Rhyheim 1st. gang bang”.=D

  5. Rhyheim is an absolutely gorgeous man, with everything it takes to be the “pornstar” he is, but I’ve never really been turned on by his scenes, at least not consistently. Everything is well shot, and every black man is beautifully photographed, but the repetition is just boring. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna go down (literally) the FTM, soon. Gay porn is DEAD.

    1. FTM? I don’t think so. Rhyheim avoids controversy, which is why his porn is solid and far from boring. He would lose more than he would gain if he entered this niche, so much so that some of his troupe who have already collaborated with ftm had 90% negative repercussions, so much so that the majority deleted the post/didn’t post it. In the real world, collaborating with FTM does not bring good repercussions or money, only for the FTM in question. X bot doesn’t bring money.
      Many of those who subscribe to Rhyheim are purely because he makes the best cis gay porn in the world. And this keeps him in the spotlight and gives him his status as the king of porn.

      Ftm is wanting to go to disgrace and lose everything he built

  6. Call it repetitive but Rhyheim is both gorgeous and a good performer. He and Roman flip fucked for their fan sites and released it this week, looks like a good scene. They’re good at what they do, Rhyheim is 42 and Roman is like 37 and they’re both very attractive and fresh for their ages. They know how to not just fuck but bring pleasure to their bottoms and Roman is pretty versatile and Rhyheim is giving us a bottom scene now here and there. I appreciate them both.

    I don’t love the fucking in the air though because it’s not realistic sex and not sex that people are really having in everyday life. That’s porn sex and doesn’t appeal as much.

    1. Roman Todd is actually 38 that’s what makes him so impressive! The guy was born in 1985 and he has an amazing fit body. I agree the sex video with Rhyheim and Roman is fucking hot. I never seen Roman cock so hard and he totally was into Rhyheim.

  7. Day after the LUCAS, death to gaza Tweet and we are still here with a post promoting his content. All his content from all platforms should be deleted otherwise you are just perpetuating his agenda and fueling his fire

  8. Rhyheim has a big dick but I see the appeal. But for me I find myself more interested his scene partner than him. Rhyheim scene with Roman Todd is fucking hot. This video with a tiny white twink does nothing for me. The Twink looks feminine so a turn off for me. Rhyheim definitely leans into the BBC image and he is making a ton of money from it. He is probably a millionaire or close to at this point. Rhyheim knows his market is mostly white gay men who want to see a black fit guy with a huge dick . People can say Rhyheim is overexposed but his fans obviously likes what he is doing.

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