X: Michael Lucas on a missile headed for Gaza with his name on it “Hahaha, I actually asked to write my name.”

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33 thoughts on “X: Michael Lucas on a missile headed for Gaza with his name on it “Hahaha, I actually asked to write my name.”

  1. I’m glad the entire industry is finally ending Michael Lucas. Beyond that tweet, he has done SO many disgusting things over the years (not testing, feces in airbnbs, racism, not paying models etc.)

  2. Will this be the end of Lucas Entertainment? I’m hesitant to say yes at all. A check is a check and we know how desperate many in porn are. I would hope it is. For established performers…you work for Lucas, it could make you persona non grata on fan sites and potentially with clients which is where they get most of their money these days. But let’s not pretend we didn’t know this man was a racist, xenophobe, and all around bigoted hellscape. It’s always been known and he’s gone viral for it in the past. He went viral again here but with all the attention surrounding the Israel-Gaza tragedy things have gone to a different temperature.

    He has to be axed. Proud of Grayson Cole to speak out about the photographer that assaulted him….we know the lecherous behavior in the sex industry by photographers toward talent is a massive issue. They view it as an opportunity for sex with people they’d never get a chance with in everyday life but it is ultimately work and not a sexual atmosphere. We need way more calling outs in 2024 and we need more accountability to clean up the gay porn industry. I appreciate Hayden Brier’s post as well in that regard. Performers need to take care of each other and performers need to speak out against abuse. It’s not gonna stop until it’s exposed and performers come together and make it clear they won’t stand for it.

    Trent Atkins is an example of someone who quite publicly was a bit of a mess and has really turned himself around focusing on himself as a man first, not the porn persona. It is possible and I’m so happy for him. We need more positive stories like that to gain attention on porn blogs rather than the drama constantly.

    Wishing Dallas and his pup/now solo boyfriend well and wishing Roman Todd well, not easy to go through what he did earlier this year and almost dying. Seemingly dealing with potential substance abuse issues, hopefully he takes time to himself. Drowning yourself into performing really isn’t the answer.

    Ryder Flynn’s hair looks good that length and he needs to keep the hair down and bouncy. He looks way worse with it in a ponytail or with it frizzy than he does in that pic above. His hair makes a big difference in his appearance but he is pretty cute and rocks the long hair well.

  3. And yet, people will still continue to film with Michael Lucas. And by doing so, they are condoning and allowing this behavior. So save the “we don’t support violence of any kind”. Well by taking his money you actually ARE supporting violence. Can you please not be so spineless? Tell him to go fuck himself with a chainsaw.

    Pierce Paris- did people cancel/reschedule after they found out you were their scene partner? It’s understandable if so.

    1. Because he recruits guys from South America and Eastern European. Traditionally developing countries do the models are usually more desperate and easy. Even if they wise up I bet he’ll just move on to India, Africa, and Central America

      1. I don’t know about the models of other countries, but the majority of the Brazilian ones don’t exacly fit this description.

        Rico Marlon, for example, is a pretty well established performer who is far from being poor as one can get. The same could be said about Igor Lucios or Viktor Rom (who is not Brazilian, but still).

        Many of the guys who shoot overseas can only do so because they’re do pretty well on their home countries. Michael Lucas, MG nor any international porn studio is going to pick a random nobody from South America who shoots amateur videos from their own homes, I give you that.

        They don’t say a thing about Michael Lucas because they just don’t care or even know about any of the drama surrounding him.

        While I’m not speaking specifically about any of the performers I cited, it’s relevant to establish that many South American performers aren’t exacly very… let’s say “woke” (I hate the term, but I believe it’s appropriate for this situation) in their political views.

  4. I’m terribly sorry, but such performative displays of outrage feel incredibly hollow comming from an industry in which wife beaters, homophobic asswholes and actual murderers are commonly accepted.

    What’s going to happen is the good old script we are already used to: once the heat dies down, the rats are going to come crawling right back to their king and things will go back to the status quo, with them developing a convenient case of selective amnesia.

    Michael Lucas has been acting like a horrible human being for years. If they really gave a damn about it, they would’ve disavowed him way earlier.

    This just feels like hollow social media trend chasing of the “give me upvotes” veriety.

    About Hayden’s remarks, I’m going to say he’s spot on, and the recent posts on the blog are definitive proof of it: guys who aren’t even 24 fucking their own bodies with steroids, saline injections, heavy drug use… It’s sad, pretty sad.

  5. It is the Christmas Miracle that porn stars are FINALLY seeing the light about that disgrace, cesspool and creep of man named Michael Lucas. I just wish they saw what we all saw much sooner because he’s done so many nasty & vile things to models in the past but better late than never I guess. Let’s see if they are all serious and really won’t work with that POS.

    We will see.

  6. The masks will fall! I always said that.
    The year 2024 hasn’t even started yet.
    If actors or owners/directors of a gay porn studio make political statements, regardless of the reason (are they from the countries in question?), it is generally wrong. In Michael Lucas’ case, it’s his private opinion. Just like numerous other actors have already commented on the war in the Middle East. But is this his entire studio’s fault? or his gay content? or the actors who are filming or have filmed for Lucas? This whole lying shitstorm that is now falling on Lucas Entertainment is pure hypocrisy and irony! All the actors or fans and customers, as well as people here in this blog, are now commenting on this and spewing poison and bile. But honestly: if we canceled or destroyed all studios or performers after such private statements and opinions, then every gay porn studio and numerous other performers would have to be canceled!
    I mean look at the interview of this actor PetrXXX! It was definitely run by a gay blog again. And what comes of it? He’s not into men, just wants to do straight porn and doesn’t give a shit about gay porn. And someone like that gets a platform in gay porn. This is just as disingenuous and hypocritical as all the reactions now that only refer to one person who made the mistake of commenting on the war. Everyone is lying and hypocritical here and out there.
    They just don’t notice it anymore.
    Thanks Denz, but we don’t need reports like that. Still have a nice Christmas, even if unfortunately many won’t be so lucky.

    1. What are you talking about? His opinions aren’t being called into question, it’s his actions…
      You say “every gay porn studio”… what other studio head in the past has shown such abhorrent disregard for human life? Name one.

      1. You say what he said is disgusting. Yes that’s it!
        I don’t question it because I don’t take either side. I’m talking about gay porn in general. What can the actor do about it? They all did their job and you can’t deny that Lucas Entertainment shot gay porn at the highest level. No matter what happened now or had happened in the past. Was there war with Sergeant Miles? When it became clear who he really was, what he did, how he went against the community that nurtured him? When Michael Lucas was already behind him and defending him? The studio continued to exist and they continued to shoot gay porn. People paid for it and bought it because it’s all about PORN, as many people here say!
        Or what happened when the owners of gayhoopla showed their true colors and did exactly what has nothing to do with gay or gay porn anymore?
        Or when actors claim to be gay, but then fuck pussies and post pictures of pussies and make fun of gays on the internet and ironically claim it’s S4P or that gays are boring if they only have sex with their own sex, which is actually GAY means?
        There was another “gayporn” blog that started a poll when the “bi” scenes from MEN and CF came out and people were supposed to vote on which scene they would rather fuck with women? More than 200 people voted and you tell me about Names? Or when Kevin Spacey, one of the biggest gays in the film business, has an interview with Tucker Carlson, one of the most anti-gay people in America? I know this has nothing to do with GAYporn. Or maybe with GAY? Oh, we’re just talking about NAMES here. Or examples! Would you like to have names? I can tell you things that indirectly affect us gays in gay porn, but to say and argue all of that I would have to write dozens of “arias,” which I don’t feel like doing. Are you now defending the honor of gay porn on a topic that has nothing to do with gay porn? Honestly, people like you and others are the best example of why gay porn has been dead for a long time and is becoming more and more homophobic and inhumane in relation to the gay community! But you don’t get involved or complain about it. But the main thing is to form one-sided political opinions and destroy a company! What about MG and her queer ideology? with women and pussy? They say they are a gay porn company and the best in the world! I know this has the least to do with porn and gay, but expressing yourself politically has a lot to do with gay porn! LOL

        1. There are gay Palestinians that exist, gay Arabs, including in gay porn, so not sure how you can say this isn’t a community issue. It absolutely is. It is an issue when a man who is as Islamophobic and Racist as Michael Lucas is has the platform he has had, honestly beyond gay porn and politically/culturally within the gay community at large. He is an avowed bigot. How does that not have an impact on the community?

          Look at Lucas Entertainment….barely shoots with Black models, especially Black American models. Is that by accident? Barely shoots with Arab models…that’s the systemic lack of opportunity for performers that aren’t Caucasian/Latino that plagues this industry, with one of the biggest studios around. How does that not affect gay porn when one of its leading figures is an open bigot this way?

          Nobody cares about PetrXXX because he’s a nobody in the industry, not bashing gay people, not performing with men anymore…if anything the fact that in Eastern Europe we see poor straight boys being targeted to entry into gay porn is another reflection of how grotesque the gatekeepers in this industry are.

          1. I feel really bad about gays in the middle east. in israel theres a big out vocal gay community where they can live in peace.

          2. “Barely shoots” with black or Arab models could equally apply to most mainstream producers – Corbin Fisher, BelAmi, and dozens of others.

        2. I’m with you on this point: there’s a ton of hypocrisy in gay porn circles, so much so, that many people on this very comment section are pointing this little fact out.

          Many performers only decided to turn on Michael Lucas because of convenience, not any ethical or moral concerns. If that was the case, they would’ve done so way earlier, but you know, many of them were receiving their paychecks from him then, so who cares right?

          There were multiple cases in which such outrage wasn’t only warranted, but also needed in the past, but they chose to be silent because there was no social capital to be made, no asspats, no likes.

          That’s the sad reality reality of gay porn: exploiting their fellow peers, defending homophobic assholes, not testing their models and so on are no problem for these people… as long as there’s no social media outrage about it.

          How sad.

  7. Presley is going on about blacklists again? It’s not the way to get off one and is probably part of the reason you’re on one…well, more than one.

    1. Presley is a cute guy but there’s a reason why he hasn’t blown up even though he has all the attributes to do so from a physical standpoint. He isn’t a great performer either from what I’ve seen, there’s a bit of a detatchment/passivity in him that comes across, with both studio and fansite performances. There’s definitely something a bit up with him.

      1. “He isn’t a great performer either from what I’ve seen, there’s a bit of a detatchment/passivity in him that comes across, with both studio and fansite performances. There’s definitely something a bit up with him.”

        Sums up most gay men doing gay porn these days

  8. Miss me with the fake outrage and virtue signalling bullshit.

    Lucas’ reputation is well known and has been well documented for YEARS, every single motherfucker displaying all this rage about him has worked for his studio one way or another. Where was this energy before? Was it used to collect whatever small paycheck he gave it to y’all while he fucked every single of you, both figuratively and literally?

    1. The problem with your reasoning is that it’s difficult for many employees to say no to the bosses. Should I quit my Mcdonalds job because any of the representatives said sth morally wrong? It’s not an easy task. On other hand, I am someone who believes we should set apart the art and the persona. Besides, the ideology of a company is not necesarilly the same one of the owner, president or director.

      1. You’re right about work being work, sometimes your circumstances make it difficult to say no to a pay check. Though to your analogy, McDonalds is a massive franchise, whereas Michael Lucas’ company is a small studio that’s owned entirely by him. And he has a platform on social media that reaches a lot more people than a suit working in the hospitality industry.

  9. Good for Michel. I don’t under how many gay men and “queer” people are out here defending Hamas. A terrorist organization that would absolutely get rid of gay people. Out here parroting terrorist talking points. Shameful

    1. They not defending Hamas… They defending people that live in Palestine… They hate on genocide that happen in Palestine… Get real if Palestinian don’t get oppress by Israelis there will be Hamas? Plus if Israel really want to save the hostage would by bombing the area of they assume the hostage are would save the hostage? Israel don’t care about hostage, Israel just wanted to wipe out Gaza… If they really care about hostage they would send special ops to save the hostage and minimised the casualty…

      1. It’s sad that the memory of some are so short-sighted or they choose to NOT remember certain times in history. I remember clearly where I was and what happened on 9/11. I remember the planes, people running away from smoke and the rubble. I also remember the scenes showing Palestinians dancing and cheering the fall of towers. Palestinians & Hamas do not like nor care for the United States. I was quite apparent then and I don’t see them changing their view anytime soon. It’s disgusting to see how Palestinian and Hamas have treated the prisoners they captured at the early part of the war – beheading, raping, slicing the back of feet so folks can’t run away… Israel didn’t start this war, they are doing their best to just end it.

        1. You are making a dangerous blanket statement about an entire swathe of people. When we do that it makes it easier to vilify other human beings and justify terrible acts and prejudices. Not every Palestinian is hell bent on the destruction of America, but Palestine is 100% in no position to threaten us. It has plenty of reasons to be mistrustful of America and Europe’s policies which have destabilized the Middle East in general and not produced a one or two state solution to a problem that’s existed for decades in Israel. These people turned to Hamas in desperation, and empathy and context are important to keep in mind when assessing a complex situation.

          The collateral damage of the war is unacceptable. Hamas is vile and needs to go, but so do Netanyahu and the Israeli government’s harsh policies towards Palestinians. The situation is not tenable and has to change, and that shouldn’t mean hundreds of thousands of innocents getting caught in the crossfire.

    2. Because theyre feeble minded people who like to follow group think who have this image of poor peaceful innocent people being attacked by evil jews.

  10. Wow, just seems like a bunch of sadness and emptiness. I hope those that need it, get the mental and/or physical help they need. As for finical, get a job that pays your bills like most us do every day. Lastly, asking for privacy after living most of your life on social media etc. just makes me laugh! If you want primacy, stay off the apps!

  11. Derek Kage, Do you know that in Palestine they behead homosexuals and that Israel is the only country in the area where you can freely be gay? Do you know that Israel has suffered an Islamic terrorist attack where more than 1,500 people have been murdered and where women have been raped and murdered, where entire families have been burned alive in their homes and where grandparents and young people who were enjoying a festival of music, in addition to also having murdered them? You are unpresentable. The one who is not going to consume anything in which you appear again is going to be me. for supporting Islamic terrorism and not condemning the victims of this Islamic barbarism. I will never again see any performer who supports terrorism and the murder of gays, women and people in general. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-63174835

  12. I see and support gay porn less and less, since they support Islamic homophobic terrorism, domestic terrorism, since many are arrested for robberies, for murders, for pedophilia, for drugs. Many are addicted to drugs. and with rare exceptions. Gay porn, especially American porn, makes me more and more disgusted, seeing these people who call themselves pornstars. The last straw has been the support of some for Islamic terrorist groups that sow terror in the West and Israel and that in their countries behead and murder homosexuals and women as happens in Palestine, Iran and so many other Islamic countries and just like Putin does in Russia or invading Ukraine. the gay pornstars are silent and supporting the murderers of gays, women, grandparents, children and people in general. I feel disgust,

    1. Thank you HAMAS and ISIS terrorist supporters for your negatives votes 🤣🤣🤣🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Viva Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  13. Honestly, it’s no surprise Michael Lucas would either side with Zionist, or that he’s a bad guy. At this point, he probably sees himself as Maleficent, relishing in being fabulously evil.

  14. Thank you for supporting the people of Israel and condemning the Palestinian Hamas terrorists. Some gay porn actors who would be beheaded by those terrorists they defend like Hamas or ISIS, should be boycotted by the companies and customers who buy their scenes. I already have my blacklist of gay porn actors who support Hamas terrorists who rape teenagers, behead homosexuals and burn entire families alive while they sleep in their homes. I haven’t seen that condemn Hollywood actors and singers like Madonna or Debra Messing or Jammie Lee Curtis, yes. Something that should embarrass gay porn actors who have declared themselves in favor of the Islamic terrorist state of Palestine and against the democratic state of Israel. https://variety.com/2023/film/news/hollywood-stars-support-israel-palestine-conflict-1235749537/

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